Simple and easy to buy a car, but car insurance so Why burn the brain?

we usually often ask how to choose a Car, what Car to buy the right, and after the layers of screening bought Cars through, but faced with the next question: how to buy Car insurance?

Today’s Automobile insurance product variety, dazzling, do not worry, we start with the most basic to learn from, other insurance are derived from the original aim, the basic a thorough understanding of insurance, how to buy insurance problem Will be solved.

non-commercial insurance

Is what we usually refer to pay high insurance, full name Is “compulsory traffic accident liability insurance.” It Is mandatory insurance, Is that each Car must buy insurance when you have a responsibility in the accident, the maximum payment amount Is 122,000 yuan, which can be considered a minimum guarantee of a motor vehicle on the road, you Will not hit other people after a little money could get it out, the new Car the first year premium Is normally 950 yuan.

commercial Insurance

here mainly on the four main Auto insurance business rIsk (loss of vehicle insurance, third party liability insurance, the whole Car pilfer, board officers liability insurance ) and additional insurance.

1, loss of vehicle insurance

caustic danger, by definition, the driver opened the Car accident occurred causing damage to vehicles, insurance the company be compensated within a reasonable range kind of insurance, one thing to note when buying caustic danger, that Is clear Is how much the value of their vehicle, because the insurance company Is based on the value of your Car to compensation.

For example, your Car worth 150,000, so even if you buy a 300,000 Car damage, you can only get to the final 150,000 in compensation. So, if a new Car Is based on the market price to buy, And if not a new Car, it Is necessary according to the used Car market price to buy.

2, third party liability insurance

thIs Is what we hear most often insurance refers to the driver in an accident driving a vehicle in the process, resulting in third personal injury or property damage who, according to the law paid by the insurance company. Currently third party usually buy 50,100 million and as more and more luxury Cars on the street.

here have mentioned a word called “non-deductible”, for example, you cause the loss of one million people in an accident, and you have a responsibility in the accident, the insurance company may then 20% of the deductible amount, which means that third party insurance only to lose 800,000 to 200,000 the rest of your own pocket, but if you buy a third party Is not deductible, then the insurance or have paid the full amount.

3, the entire vehicle pilfer

refers to the entire vehicle pilfer insured vehicle from theft, robbery, robbery, confirmed after three months did not fall in the public security departments, insurance the company be compensated. ThIs rIsk also according to the value of the vehicle to buy, the amount Is usually paid 80% of the amount of loss, as well as, if the loss caused by war, natural dIsasters, the insurance company Is not compensable.

4, board officers liability insurance

understood board officers liability insurance to buy insurance for the vehicle to ride their own staff, because most are sitting on their Car seats Is around important people, causing casualties inside the Car, the insurance company Will pay compensation in accordance with the Ordinance time of the accident.

5, additional rIsk

with respect to Car insurance Is an additional rIsk for the primary, not purchased separately, a common rIsk wading, new equipment damage insurance, insurance natural loss, like glass breakage alone Wait. These additional advantageous combined with their own actual situation to buy.

Finally, when buying Car insurance try to choose informal channels, do not believe the small opportunities. Car insurance Is a science, we need to learn in a Car with the Car, the Car insurance mastery of knowledge, it Will not confused when buying insurance, so I do not know.