Should in the end how to buy car insurance in order to maximize the benefits? User’s answer Is cut to the heart

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Lead: Car Insurance in the end should be how to buy to Maximize the benefits? User’s answer Is cut to the heart

With the rapid development of American society, the masses of our country’s living standards are increasing, thIs former luxury Car at thIs stage U.S. has also become the people living in the most basic means of transport, the world’s major Automotive manufacturers have seized thIs opportunity, crazy dumping to the United States market their own products, or worse still with the domestic Car companies get direct joint venture, designed to meet American tastes to sell the Car, the Car Is becoming more common, in the end should be how to buy Car insurance in order to maximize the benefits? User’s answer Is cut to the heart, we take a look netizens answer it.

friends from Jiangxi, said: I bought a glass breakage alone, scratches insurance, really the front windshield broken, the insurance company told me that he to spend money to change it, because of the change of glass, my next year of insurance rose 900 yuan, 480 yuan at their own expense needs. Scratches insurance, too, their own repairs, five hundred dollars, find the insurance company’s insurance claims rose far more expensive next year of their own money to repair. . .

netizen from Zhejiang said: scratches insurance completely unnecessary, really scratching a direct hit on it, one chance out of money next year should rIse . Most pit father of natural rIsks, as long as the line Will not change a bit lost, when no one can tell you on the fourth son buy a new Car shop also force you on, they can actually just say you are free to send and medium-sized control panel to change the results of the line, pilfer really lost your location to provide parking, outdoor parking are free if not lose, must be within the legal office or the dIstrict parking lot, where you really lost also find the insurance pay it?

friends from Anhui Province, said: first, the prices are relatively cheaper naked, such as about one hundred thousand Cars, a Car damage, three responsible have to buy more than 500,000, Is not deductible, travel tax to pay compulsory insurance Is recommended to buy insurance driver and passenger insurance, thIs can buy according to their needs. Second, the luxury Car insurance in all the above plus a shop specializing 4s, thIs Is to be able to appear afterEnough to get a more accurate compensation, the other three responsible recommendation to buy 1 million. Third, the article says all rIsks, not all the claims, but under one roof all kinds of Auto insurance. Fourth, you can buy a separate insurance based on individual driving. Fifth, all types of insurance are useful, but do not want to report insurance, after all, insurance, then sure something was wrong. Finally, I hope in peace.

said users from Hubei: Preparation of whole Car paint, scratches insurance on 10,000, 500. Take the whole Car sprayed a premium dIscount rose to 0.64 fold, 0.32 fold Is not gone before, there Is more than 1,000, plus 500 before, totaling more than 1,500 Cars can go a full spray, may I ask, if you are in full-4s shop Car spray at their own expense, then how much? By the way, the whole Car sheet metal spray free.

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