Share owners auto insurance price and content, your total car insurance also so cheap it?

ThIs Is a People’s Insurance Auto insurance sexiest, thIs Car Is a 2009 Jetta, has for three consecutive years did not. It appeared to pay high insurance, the minimum play Qizhe, after the kick off Is 665, as well as commercial insurance travel tax, a total of 2486.

can see that commercial insurance, including Car damage insurance, pilfer, three 1 million liability insurance, as well as Car driver insurance, as well as excluding deductible, commercial insurance adds up to a total of 1461, the final prices Is 1900, in fact, I do not mind if you buy the Car pilfer and dangerous, after all, no one Car theft, and pilfer only 85 fast, the Car seat only 12. Only 100 to buy a safe, my dad would compromIse, that does not matter, in fact, thIs can not spend 100 Is, in fact, we only as long as three 100, caustic danger Is not deductible insurance on it

caustic danger Is not deductible, has been reported all over the Car, the following give you a look at the policy, you can see just buy the insurance. Caustic danger, three 1 million liability insurance, as well as non-deductible. Do not look at the price when the travel tax to pay high insurance commercial insurance dIscount plus plus finIshed 2200, in fact, three Is enough, we buy the insurance to compare two insurance companies, but also look at insurance coverage before the first guarantee of 09 years, thIs Bora loss of insurance coverage Is 35,000 yuan, my Car insurance Is 85,000 yuan, some insurance companies may be cheaper, but he could sum insured less 10000. That we should also note that many of my friends to each project Car insurance Is not very understanding, like thIs cross-strong insurance death benefit up to 11,000 medical compensation up to 10 000

vehicle loss or property damage up to 2000, if you put someone hit by a Car, do more than pay 2000, they eat not to lose, only buy to pay high insurance , while motor vehicle insurance in the insurance business loss Is to lose yourself, if crashed the Car into the river off the wall or scrapped thIs to our Car, we can take the money to buy a new Car, and in the three liability insurance the other Is lost, if we are hit by a Car, own motor vehicle repair parts required damage insurance, the other party can repair. Third party liability insurance, if we hit a pedestrian efforts paid

money Is not a third party liability insurance franchIse meter What does it mean? If we hit the man of the house, the violation of which 10% have personal insurance provIsions excluding franchIse, of which 10% need our own money, and we do not buy thIs insurance deductible, which also passed 10% the insurance company, which Is not deductible means

I do not know when to buy insurance which items are bought, the amount you buy Is how much? how much did you spend?