Several of the most useless car insurance, each a pit, you bought it?

Car insurance Is an essential part of what we want Cars on the road, a lot of people bought after traffic compulsory insurance Will buy a number of other commercial insurance. And some people can not afford to buy insurance when selling to buy something that looks the role, but in fact it Is the pit of the insurance, the following are a few of each pit, you bought it?

1: Insurance glass breakage alone

First, the first to say Is insured glass breakage alone, thIs kinds of insurance may seem useful, once accidentally glass there Is a problem, then we can free replacement of the glass. But in reality? ThIs insurance compensation only count the glass itself, and not too rearview mirror glass and lighting and so on, that Is, after we bought thIs insurance alone can only get compensation for damage around the windshield and windows other positions are not the scope of compensation, to be honest thIs Is not really the role of insurance.

2: scratches insurance

scratches insurance Is actually very pit, because it can only be for the finIsh scratches, if that’s more serious collIsion, then it Will not scratch the scope of compensation at rIsk inside. But know thIs, if our Car Is just a very minor scratches, then there Is no need to go Is the insurance route. However, scratches very powerful, causing damage to the Car, then probably not to report, we can say that the usefulness of insurance Is still small.

3: pilfer

The third we are saying Is that the insurance pilfer, and now also buy pilfer friends in fact not so much, in fact, relatively pit pilfer compensation. Our Car was stolen, then losses Will be given the full payment of the Car, but now the Car Will not be stolen base, because after the stolen Car difficult to handle.

and pilfer our Car only for security, if the Car Is inside a wallet or important items lost, then, are no longer within the scope of insurance. So the role of pilfer in the moment it can be said to be getting smaller and smaller.

4: wading rIsk

wading insurance when buying insurance Is more of a pit, first of all for our wading Insurance we paid only a simple loss of a Car engine, which means that if our Car soaked in water, and inside parts, all kinds of things and not give paid only after the damaged engine Will give payment.

5: spontaneous combustion rIsk

Finally pit of thIs comparIson Is spontaneous combustion rIsk insurance, our If we are to spontaneous combustion Car, then the difficulty Is still very large. So many of the world’s Cars, the few spontaneous combustion. The possibility of new Cars within three years of general spontaneous combustion Is unlikely, even if there have been cases of spontaneous combustion, we have three bags of service Cards. Therefore, thIs insurance shall also not much action.

above these are the insurance Car insurance comparIson inside the pit, do not know you bought it?