Routines and more auto insurance? How to best deal to buy insurance? Raiders struck most car insurance

Today I want to talk a little about Car insurance.

When it comes to Auto insurance, many small partners must be very anxious. When buying a Car, they know which one Is better than the other one. But buying a Car insurance, they face a variety of Auto insurance, they know what to do. So today, we talk about what kind of insurance Is enough to buy.

Car insurance there are two types of compulsory insurance, the other Is commercial insurance.

Is a national compulsory insurance compulsory purchase compulsory insurance. ThIs Is non-negotiable. For compensation for side impact, the vehicle accident, a limited amount of compensation.

There are many commercial insurance, you are Willing to buy. But I still recommend regular drive a friend to buy commercial insurance. Among them, we recommend the following three commercial insurance, basic enough.

The first Is a third party liability insurance, as the name suggests, Is paid to a third party. If someone Is injured during a traffic accident or vehicle damage, the cost of treatment staff, including vehicle maintenance costs borne by the tripartite insurance. In general, insurance coverage tripartite 500,000, one million and 1.5 million, which Is enough to buy 100 thousand yuan.

The second Is the damage to the Car insurance Is to repair your Car. For example, when you are in a traffic accident, the other side of the Car covered by tripartite insurance. When your Car Is damaged, it Is within the coverage in thIs Car damage insurance. If you accidentally hit the wall, or pole, the Car can also be used to damage the insurance payment.

Here are some details about the Car damage insurance, many of my friends do not know. ThIs Is a subrogation. There must be a lot of friends do not understand, what Is subrogation? For example, if you are a traffic accident, you are not the primary responsibility, but the other party Is the main person responsible. Your Car maintenance costs Is $ 10,000, but the other only bought compulsory insurance, compulsory insurance of property loss compensation limit Is 2000 yuan. The other did not want compensation for the remaining 8000 maintenance costs.In thIs case, you can claim the insurance company subrogation, generally speaking, you first with hIs caustic danger advance 8000 yuan maintenance costs, then thIs 8000 yuan by the insurance company to recover the primary responsibility for the accident, and thIs Is subrogation, which can only be bought after the safety Car damage enjoyment.

The third Is non-deductible. Only after the purchase of non-deductible insurance, we can guarantee a 100% payout.

Of course, there are other rIsks, such as scratches insurance, glass damage insurance, maritime insurance, insurance and other spontaneous combustion, if the budget Is sufficient, money certainly getting better. Like ours can survive old drivers, buy too little insurance in respect of the three.

After reading thIs Issue of Car sharing knowledge, you know how to buy Car insurance? If you want to know more about the Car, please leave a message.