Remote dangerous condition of how to do? Car insurance, do understand the six questions, you Will save a lot of heart!

places dangerous condition of how to do? Car insurance, do understand the six questions, you Will save a lot of heart! Many owners Will choose to leave when traveling by Car, traveling by Car Is easy, but once out of the accident but just in different places were paid, many insurance companies are also ready routines, or exclusions or service point to make Is you do not find less than away from home are not familiar with the road, the Car also bad, it Is certainly very inconvenient. Although most of the Oita large Auto insurance company has implemented a national network, but some things do not understand, or Will affect the payment. Today, Xiao Bian Xiao Bian gave you today to count off-site escape from danger need pay attention to what?


The basic steps Chuxian local places dangerous condition Is actually similar, of course, because there are many paths are traveling by Car in a high speed on, if a major accident, then, Is the rescue deal, you must first call an ambulance, then consider the dangerous condition of things:

1, camera set loss


places dangerous condition, it Is very important photo, photo shoot do not understand really affect the dangerous condition. Certain positions including pictures of the Car crash, the vehicle, if there Is need to take things scattered on the surrounding environment also need to take on the general picture does not need too much, the number of photos insurers generally require five enough, but if camera technology for their own self-confidence, small or suggest that you take as much as possible the details of it, so that when there are differences out of convenience, but also should not have been mad not to go, and thIs Will hinder traffic.

2, claims telephone


again when problems need to dial a telephone job claims, insurance companies are generally large national network, hit the headquarters of the phone when there Is a problem on it, if it Is met with some small companies, then I suggest that you ask in advance the details of the claim as well . After all, some insurance companies that refused to exclusions remote escape from danger, we must look at the time of signing a contract, and if you are frequently offsite, so do not ignore thIs thing off-site paymentsituation. Claims must be playing telephone within 48 hours, otherwIse overdue insurance company has the right to refuse.

3, Traffic Accident


If an accident Is bound to involve the police, be sure to clarify the details of the divIsion of responsibility and compensation for traffic accident details inside. Now, because of premium costs change, many owners like to whIsper, but when compounding we still have to pay attention, to avoid encounters Pengci, if it Is the responsibility of the other party, it Is best to look how many vehicles need maintenance costs themselves, because Once compounding, it means you give up the right to insurance payments, maintenance costs once the excess, the insurance company Will not bear, the other owners Will not supply you can only see each other a mood, it Is recommended that both sides go compounding maintenance point ask price.

4, documents bring along


Insurance companies need to look at Is the emergence of a vehicle related information, generally including three certificates of the vehicle, as well as insurance policies, which can be considered the insurance companies first need to look at, it Is recommended that everyone in the usual travel documents are to be brought up, like a driver’s license, driving license, etc. would have been necessary to strip. In addition many insurance companies are asked to fill out a notice of dangerous condition, that must be filled Carefully, otherwIse it Will affect the damage. When copying the documents must ensure clear, especially when withdrawals vehicle type, driving information aspects of the Card number, ID number, etc. must be clear, it Will easily affect the payment

5 was not to lIsten to arbitrary charges

to assess the damage of the vehicle, whether locally or, in different places or, do not need to charge, if insurance the company charges different places in the name of the dangerous condition, it Is dIshonor.

6, repairs


after the damage Is repaired, many insurance the company Will recommend some accident occurred in the maintenance, repair nearest convenient, but if it Is not what the Car can not move largeAccidents, in fact we have a right to claim back to the local maintenance, you can choose a local service more convenient, rest assured that the service point, and if there are problems relatively easy to find, pick up the Car Will be more convenient.

Finally, it Is recommended that frequent business trip or travel friends, choose Auto insurance when we must see if there Is a national network thIs one. Like forwarded it, what problems can be dIscussed with the message Oh.