Real-name system to insure auto insurance from November 30th to perform

Reporter November 26 from the New York Insurance Association was informed Shenyang Car insurance real-name system insurance Will be held November 30 started, the city’s civilian Car ownership more than 2 million, thIs policy Will affect Shenyang area over one million owners.

November 30 from policyholders = = payer owners

Reporters from Chen Cheng multi-family property insurance The company learned that Shenyang Car insurance insure real-name system Will be officially executed November 30. Real-name system to insure Auto insurance Is through intermediaries with legal qualifications of insurance sales, to insurance companies or directly by the owner of the vehicle and pay the insurance premiums. The insured when the insured Auto insurance business, the payer, the vehicle owner should be the same person, and I use a lump sum payment of insurance premiums account.

Simply put, that Is, “Whose Car Is who Is going to buy Auto insurance” to ensure “the insured = = payer owners.”

It Is reported that the scope of real-name system, including basic pay of all vehicles and insurance must be used daily, that Is, to pay high insurance and commercial insurance are included. New York Insurance Association said the move Will curb the advance premium to conduct various forms of insurance companies, insurance intermediaries, other third-party institutions to a large extent, both to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, but also increased the insurance industry anti-money laundering and anti-bribery efforts.

support micro-channel Alipay Verified cash payment need to “double record”

At present, the personal Auto insurance payment Verified The system can be verified include UnionPay bank Card or micro-channel pay third-party payment treasure, Jingdong finance.

If you do not use the above insurance, policyholders in line with the real-name verification rules of payment cash payment of premiums, transfers and other individual customers through the implementation of real-name verification can not pay the premiums, Will be Carried out “double record”. “Double record” means an insurance company or insurance intermediary business premIses handling Auto insurance, and the sale of the entire process of recording video. When

At the same time, insurance companies Will Issue policies from the family Car phone real individual customersOf the SMS verification. Non-natural persons unit

In addition, enterprIses, institutions and other units of vehicles insured, you should use the official unit of account transfer or Card payment Auto insurance premiums.

The New Deal and the premium rate independent Auto insurance premiums Will not increase

For the majority of owners concerned about whether the New Deal affect the insurance questions about the rate, Reporters from the Insurance Association of Liaoning Province has learned, has nothing to do with the price of Car insurance consumers to buy Auto insurance premium payment, whether it Is real-name authentication, SMS authentication or “dual record,” because the real-name system Will not increase the insured premiums. Auto insurance rates vehicle models, insurance insurance, dangerous condition, number of factors not related to the dangerous condition. Shenyang Daily, Shen reported financial media Reporter Liu Yang

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1 to increase the “SMS verification” link: to provide the insured with valid mobile phone number before pushing insurance companies underwriting the “message authentication code” to verify protect consumers’ right to know.

2, increase the “pay real-name authentication” link: premiums paid by the insured or Alipay bank Card, micro letters and other third parties must be my name real-name authentication account.

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