Raiders save money, those things about car insurance you need to know

After you purchase, whether it Is on a new Car or an old Car renewal of insurance, to their Car insurance Car insurance Is a year we are going to do in the face of a wide variety of insurance, many of my friends do not know how to choose, here to find out more about the recommendations made by the interpretation and the author of various insurance Car insurance, hope can help to you.

a, strong insurance

strong narrow full name: motor vehicle compulsory liability insurance Is mandatory for every Car country must buy, buy the most basic requirements to pay high insurance Is that you can legally drive the road.

to pay high insurance claims ceiling of 12.2 million, but due to the presence of classified items of compensation, without causing death or total dIsability, nor does it create a situation where personal injury, also such was the case we generally minor accidents occur, can only compensate 2,000 yuan, but also because it Is the cumulative payment mechanIsm, regardless of several such minor incidents occurred within a year, for a total maximum of compensation of 2,000 yuan, it Is only once beyond their own expense a.

and once the situation casualties occur, the maximum payment for the death and dIsability 110,000 yuan, 10,000 yuan medical expenses, and the same for the cumulative payment, which in real life insurance amount it Is not enough to use, so it Is strongly recommended that you purchase commercial insurance, to prevent the event of an accident caused incalculable damage.

Second, commercial insurance primary insurance

1, motor loss Insurance : caustic danger Is that we paid the insured loss of vehicle insurance, the most common Is to be paid by the collIsion of caustic danger, part of insurance must be purchased, the following mention a few considerations for Car damage :

the two sides accidents or incidents parties, if it Is someone else’s responsibility, do not need to use their Car damage damages, loss of vehicle third party liability insurance be paid by the responsible party.

separate vehicle body scratches caustic danger not lose, needBody scratches insurance payment to buy, but if it Is like scratching a scratch accident caused by Car damage insurance payment.

vehicle glass breakage alone, caustic danger Is not lost, it Is necessary to purchase a glass breakage alone, but if the glass body and Is connected at the same time being damaged by Car damage payment.

heavy rain waterlogging due to circumstances such as vehicle repairer flooded, the damage caused by Car damage insurance payment, do not need to purchase additional insurance wading.

vehicle accident, but could not find the perpetrators, the vehicle losses due to Car damage insurance payment of 70%, can not find the need to purchase third-party liability insurance to be able to do lose it all.

2, motor third party liability insurance : motor third party liability insurance Is that everyone talks about ‘three insurance’ , by definition, Is paid a third party, the third party may be other vehicles or personnel, or even a section of fence for all of the other expenses to pay high insurance payment exceeds the limit on the motor third party liability insurance to be responsible for payment, here we must emphasize that a third party does not include their relatives or other vehicles of their own home.

Is strongly recommended that you purchase three insurance, but at least to buy more than 1 million limit, currently most of the country a person’s death benefits are payable in more than one million, Is to pay high insurance certainly not enough pay, once such an accident, and no purchase three insurance, death benefits may make a person can go bankrupt, even if casualties did not happen, and now a number of luxury Cars on the road, once the accident, often tens of thousands or even hundreds of repair costs hundreds of thousands Is not the average person can afford.

3, motor vehicle vehicle liability insurance : a relatively tasteless insurance, also known as the seat insurance, the premium Is not high, while the insured amount to only 1 million payment Is performed only for the personnel of the vehicle appeared injured. Generally only about a taxi or Car only need to purchase network.

4, the whole Car motor vehicle theft and robbery Insurance : With the current development of the domestic monitoring system, vehicle theft and robbery incidents have been extremely rare; usually only occasional vehicle parts mIssing event, And once the tire wheels, mirrors and the like parts appeared lost, not in the insurance coverage, it Is not recommended to buy pilfer, but if you are Car loans, basically finance companies or banks Will be required You buy pilfer, thIs Is obligatory but if there Is demand for loans can only accept.

Third, commercial insurance additional rIsk

excluding franchIse rIsk : whether the above-mentioned insurance primary insurance business, or talk about to the following additional rIsk insurance business, has a certain franchIse, such as caustic danger, if your vehicle Is involved unilateral accident, to repair the damage repair costs 10,000 yuan plant Will be able to fix it because the franchIse has 15% of the insurance company only paid 8,500 yuan, 1,500 yuan for the rest of your own money and not deductible rate rIsk Is to make up the remaining 15% of the franchIse insurance, after which you no longer need to buy yourself out of thIs fee, so, as long as you purchase commercial insurance, excluding franchIse insurance Is a must buy insurance . glass breakage alone : If you frequently need to run more routes or national road Carts, it Is strongly recommended to purchase the insurance. Here special mention, once rolled stones appear to break the glass and the like, does not require you to stay in place waiting for the insurance company, the insurer does not need to escape from danger in the first place. If you have a multi-Car in the city, you can not buy glass breakage alone. spontaneous loss of insurance : new Car warranty period Is not necessary to purchase, once the warranty period spontaneous combustion accidents can be paid by the Car manufacturer; the warranty period the vehicle can be purchased, as appropriate, should be emphasized, spontaneous combustion rIsk and a 20% absolute franchIse, spontaneous combustion that Is, whether or not you purchased the franchIse, excluding insurance, 20% had spontaneous combustion rIsk Is not lost, and the other external causes loss Is not compensable. body scratches insurance : Many Will buy a new Car insurance, be regarded as a supplement caustic danger, but do not recommend you buy here, as a limited Car paint use of surface insurance, Scratches insurance usefulness looks great, but in real life, unless there Is a designated Car bears a child thIs case, generally separate paint damage Is rare, such as scratching the paint like a small accident surface losses can be paid by the caustic danger, not to mention the body scratches insurance Is included in the number of dangerous condition, and for some small scratches dangerous condition Is not serious very worthwhile. engine wading loss insurance : the engine area only to lose insurance, urban waterlogging prone proposed purchase, in addition to other areas and there Is no need to buy, Also to be emphasized that the loss of water caused by the secondary ignition Is not lost, so once the situation wading flame appears, do not secondary ignition, phone calls and other rescue it. unable to find a third-party motor vehicle damage insurance special insurance : As a supplement caustic danger, once the accident occurred and the situation could not find a third party, royalty-free lose 30% of the third party can not be found to fill a special insurance, if you frequently bad Car area Car environment or inadequate control measures, it Is recommended to buy. designated repair shop insurance : general insurance, and some companies Will cooperate to reduce the cost of the repair shop, but if you want to go 4S shop repair, then you need to purchase a specified repair shop insurance, but thIs accident then your responsibility only if it Is the responsibility of the other party, the other party’s insurance company paid it, or where to repair your word. Buying advice Is to look at your area and repair shop scale to your insurance company underwriting the cooperation, if you can accept, you do not need to buy, and vice versa if you want to go to 4S shop repair recommendation to buy, to prevent wrangling with insurance companies. Car Cargo liability insurance : only for goods, personal items can not be maintained, so there Is no sense for private Cars, without having to buy. spirit of solatium liability : three additional rIsk insurance, payment for each other’s mental damages, absolutely do not buy, there can be more money buy three, more secure. new equipment damage insurance : Many insurance companies are not insured, And claims it Is also a lot of trouble, do not recommend buying. compensation insurance costs during the repair : A look useful, but in fact very difficult paid insurance Is not recommended to buy.

Since the 2019 change of Car insurance, commercial insurance dIscount rate varies widely now we just need a change Will lead to a rIsk premium, so the dangerous condition on the question of whether cost-effective, recommend the following:

If you are the first year of insurance, if your first year of business insurance premiums amounted to 3,000 yuan, so if you do not escape from danger, hit 85 off the second annual premium 2550 yuan, that if the first-year cost of an accident Is less than $ 450, I suggest you do the first Is more cost-effective. If two consecutive years Is no danger, assuming that the first year of commercial insurance premium of 3,000 yuan, the third year of premiums hit 7 fold to May 2100, that Is, if it Is spent accident less than 900 yuan, escape from danger Is not cost-effective. If three consecutive years and older did not escape from danger, or assume that the first year of commercial insurance premium of 3,000 yuan, then the fourth and beyond premiums are playing six months of 1800 fold, Similarly, less than 1200 yuan can not solve the incident escape from danger Is more cost-effective. In the above data it Is the first month of commercial insurance premium calculated 3000 different insured amount needs to be adjusted proportionally. due to pay high insurance rates and no change in the number of accidents involving third parties, to pay high insurance claims amount sufficient to be used to pay high insurance claims Is more cost-effective. These are today as we share some of the knowledge of Car insurance, if you have better opinions and suggestions, please share in the comments, thank you for reading.