Raiders car insurance: when to buy auto insurance, remember these three tips to save money, knew not regret it!

Car Is often used means of transport, after the people had Cars, not only very convenient commuting, leIsure time can also go for a tour. If people buy a Car know that when we buy a Car, pay for the Car in addition, the need to buy Car insurance. About the kind of Car insurance are many, how to choose what we do? Today small to tell you a Raiders Car insurance, buy Auto insurance, remember these three tips to save money, knew not regret it!

First: no additional rIsk of not buy insurance deductible

non-deductible insurance Is additional rIsk one, formally known as the deductible amount excluding the franchIse special clause refers by special agreement, the insurance after the accident, in accordance with the corresponding provIsions insuring primary insurance franchIse calculation shall be borne by the insured’s own part, responsible for compensation by the insurer. The role of insurance appears to be very big, but there are many cases, thIs insurance and can not be used to buy a waste ah, so people can not buy thIs insurance when buying insurance!

Second: do not buy a new Car spontaneous combustion rIsk

new Cars are generally 3–4 years or must km the number of warranty, there are no new lines are aging, the probability of occurrence of spontaneous combustion Is relatively low, if spontaneous combustion due to the quality problems occur you can make a claim based on the vehicle three packs of responsibility, but can not completely eliminate the rIsk of spontaneous combustion, but under normal circumstances, the new Car Is not spontaneous combustion phenomenon, so when people buy insurance, if it Is a new Car, do not buy can be considered spontaneous combustion rIsk!

Third: scratches do not buy insurance

scratches insurance Is additional rIsk of loss of vehicle insurance, i.e., in the case of insurance required before the insured vehicle damage insurance, it can not be arranged separately. An insurance company insiders said the scratches insurance Is not necessary to buy, scratches insurance multiple stacking limit, it Will affect the second year rate. And if your Car scratched up, do not worry, the scratch becomes scratches, Car damage claims are also still Will!

Car insurance strategy: buying a CarWhen insurance, keep in mind that more than three money saving tips, knew not regret it! There are many types of Auto insurance, when the insured personnel, people Will feel every Auto insurance are very useful, but there are a lot of people do not know Is routine, many insurance when people buy a little only to find the original role, white a waste of money to buy the insurance, when people buy Auto insurance again, we must remember these three tips above can help people save money!