Put new cars a year at home can not open, call the insurance company to pay, which in the end Is what terrier?

riders have put the new Car at home for a year had no driver’s insurance expired insurance company phone you pay, thIs Is what kind of experience?

A few days ago received a private letter Xiaobian riders, did not have a Car brand, not the road. Insurance companies have also called renewal reminders matters, in the end not to pay the insurance?

Before answering thIs question, we first look at Car insurance, Car insurance, including pay high insurance and commercial insurance into two categories, to pay high insurance Is mandatory national regulations must be insured insurance, whose premiums the first year Is the uniform fixed price, from the second year Will adopt a floating rate mechanIsm, the price of the vehicle with the previous year’s traffic violation cases linked to the number of dangerous condition; and the cost of commercial insurance mainly based on content owners of prices, choice of insurance and other information to calculate the dangerous condition. Car insurance insurance period Is generally one year, while Auto insurance expires, the owner must go to the insurance company continued to pay the insurance for the Car, to avoid the Car, “streaking”, the owner of the security of life and property Is threatened.

According to questioning riders, theoretically, the Car off the road, then you do not need to pay the insurance, if the Cars on the road without insurance, it should be fine. No new Car license plates also can be insured Auto insurance, commercial insurance we know that the insurance contract Is an insurance company does not assume the insurance liability in the absence of the license plate number of cases, so after buying insurance to apply for lIsting regIstration as soon as possible, go to the insurance company after lIsting handle marking an increase license plate number, since did not get the license can not be driven on the road, there Is no need to purchase commercial insurance section. In law, in the Car when the road must deliver traffic compulsory insurance, but if the Car off the road, then it can not pay the insurance. But the road does not mean to say, be driving the vehicle completely, it does not mean out of town or have lots of traffic police. It did not deliver any Auto insurance to pay strong insurance, but if the road again driving in any road traffic could be intercepted or captured by the camera, once photographed Will be fine. So the riders you sure you want to buy insurance to pay strong.

if the owners pay high insurance due not to renew, continue on the road, once they are found, according to “compulsory traffic accident liability insurance regulations’ provIsions, Detained by the public security organs of the traffic management department of motor vehicles, informing the vehicle owner, the manager in accordance with the provIsions of the insured, in accordance with the provIsions of the insured fine of 20,000 times the minimum limits of liability insurance premiums to be paid. Owners need to pay to settle before retrieving the vehicle after the compulsory insurance fees and fines, which gives the owners to bring additional economic losses.

If the vehicle Is faithful Car to Car insurance renewal time, but Will not handle, let it delay the case, then the owner could face a renewal of floating rate problem. And after the vehicle “off-insurance” and then re-needed renewal vehicle inspection, an increase of insurance procedures, to the owners to bring more trouble. Car insurance expired without renewal, there are security rIsks. Owners rIsk “off Paul” behind poorly understood, once the vehicle during off Paul danger, all the losses have to bear themselves.

Finally need to remind riders, the new Car Is also a need for long-term parking place maintenance. Car Is parked for a long time use Is very harmful to the Car, perhaps two or three months nothing thing, but if you do not open six months once, then enough to choke. At that time, the Car can not be opened are hard to say. Do not open the Car for a long time, the performance of oil has diminIshed. Oil Is also a “shelf life”, as long as it Is added to the engine inside, you play the role of lubrication and cooling. At the same time, also oil oxidation with the oxygen in the air, and the air in the macromolecular particles and impurities are mixed into the engine oil, leading to oil lubrication function decline.

In other words, do not open the Car, engine oil performance Will decline significantly, resulting in decreased lubricity. So, six months to be replaced every oil Is still very necessary. Moreover, the Car still have to from time to time on the open opened, otherwIse Will affect the life of the Car.

a Car without a license last wIsh of the faithful Car, can take their ideal number plate.