Private cars, which need to buy commercial insurance, thIs Is more cost effective?

Hello, everyone, I am a Car, and said that the Car thing, I was concerned to learn more about buying a Car Car skills.

boss Is asking, what Is the need for commercial Auto insurance to buy, I also said thIs before, and we talk about today Is, and that’s also for Private Car. If you are standing in a friend’s point of view I suggest you buy a business insurance are: third party liability insurance, excluding deductible, Car damage. I say thIs combination Is the most cost-effective, but in the end what to buy insurance, it Is certainly to buy according to their needs.

1: third party liability insurance: ThIs Is recommended that you buy, thIs Is the third party payment people and things, are now at least 500,000 to buy, if the economy allows me it Is recommended that you buy a million.

2: non-deductible: ThIs insurance I also recommend you buy if you do not buy, even if the dangerous condition of the insurance company when you are out for a little money, but after you buy, you are not out a penny.

3: caustic danger: For the novice, then a new Car, I recommend you buy, thIs Is mainly paid their own Car, thIs Is a dangerous condition when used to repair their own vehicles.

In summary I recommend you buy the most cost-effective combination of commercial insurance Is third party liability insurance, non-deductible, caustic danger, but in the end what to buy or according to their needs to buy.

I was selling Cars 4S stores, after buying a Car, Car I can focus my friends, with a common understanding of Automotive knowledge, explore each other