Private cars regIstered into the net to note about the car, the insurance may not pay, the vehicle may refuse warranty!

In recent years about Car network to facilitate the travel of life, I believe that almost no one not been in the net about the Car. Many riders through the net about Cars made money, earned fuel costs, never tired. However, with the associated network about Cars, there are two big problems, related to the vital interests of riders, faithful Car noticed what? Insurance may not pay, Will affect the vehicle warranty!


The first problem Is the network about the Car.

we know about network express train Car into Car ride, and so, in theory, Is no Car rental company dedicated to running operations of the Car, thIs Car Is definitely insured any questions, but for the express train ride and the two forms are the people own Cars added to the network about the Car platform to run operations, the country now there were a lot of insurance against non-compliance to net about Cars!

Many Car owners about the network, when the accident occurred, the insurance company said, “I’m sorry, I can not pay you,” you know Why? Because when you buy insurance Is purchased in accordance with standard commercial insurance for private Cars. If you take the Car to go about regIstering a Car, there Is a vehicle operating behavior, so the insurance company can not give you a compensable loss of operational vehicles, talking about thIs, we have to give you popularize operating vehicles and non-operational vehicles!

operating vehicles: Taxi Is a standard operating Car, because the taxi Is to make money with a passenger, and vehicle insurance operations than private Cars to much higher! With about 10 million dollars a Car, for example, hIs commercial insurance probably more than 3,000 a year, a year of commercial insurance and taxi I am afraid to six-seven thousand. Because the insurance company at the time said the development rates of the taxi all day long hours start to run more than a dozen hours or even 24 hours in the aIsle to work day and night, then the probability of failure of your nature Is much higher, because thIs Is logic, when your private Car and ride the express train to run, Is likely to be the insurance company finds that you are operating thIs behavior, I can not give you insurance.

Many owners just about to join a Car, he Is not sure thIs thing, the Car Will think I have been faithfulBy law-abiding buy a full commercial insurance, insurance companies out of the question for me to lose, and even the owners of more injustice, commuting to run a ride, then a single day also pick two, it Will be identified as operational behavior.

A senior claims officials said the accident occurred when the vehicle Is usually reported, the insurance company claims staff Will ask the scene, including whether passengers are on board and so on. But if only a small cut rub, the amount of claims in 1000-2000 yuan, does not involve casualties case, the insurance company for the perspective of management costs and service satIsfaction considerations usually do not go any further investigation, but the claims process go quickly. At thIs point, both the bit express train ride may all claims, the driver need not worry too much about. However, once a large amount of claims, involving people and other injuries, experienced claims staff Will focus on investigating the scene, such as “the relationship between passengers and drivers,” if we find suspicious circumstances, Will further investigate whether the presence of someone’s vehicle operating behavior, thIs time the insurance company Will only exclusions to the vehicle operator. Such an accident even if the owners go to court, the court also supported by many insurance companies! So please Car friends know!

The second problem Is the network about Car vehicle warranty and warranty Issues

When it comes to vehicle warranty Issue, we look at the Car three package with three bags of policy exclusions, Auto Warranty policy retail business to the sale of goods to implement “repair, replace or return.” The seller of the buyer purchased items taken charge of a credit guarantee within a certain deadline approaches. Three Guarantees Content Policy change, retirement vehicles, vehicle related instructions.

1, change

more than 5 times the same fault repair can change, within the warranty period ( Warranty Is valid for 2 years or 50,000 km, whichever occurs first), if the Car repair time accumulated more than 35 days, or the same product quality problems caused by repair accumulated more than 5 times, consumers can change. Within days

2, back Car

from purchase invoices Issued by the seller within 60 days or mileage of 3000 km (whichever occurs first whichever), engineChanged twice retreat Is still not normal Car.

within the warranty period, due to serious security fault repair accumulated conducted twice, a serious safety fault persIsts or has a new serious security fault; or engine after replacing the cumulative transmIssion 2; or a steering system, a braking system, suspension system, the front / rear axle, the body of the same main components because of their quality, total replacement twice, still can not normally be used, consumers when returning, the seller shall be responsible for the return.

If the family Car products eligible for a replacement, the seller not the same brand models, but also all lower than the original Car configuration of the product to the consumer replacement, consumers can choose to return, the seller shall be responsible for the return.

3, vehicle owners have the right to open over five days spare Car

In the repair period, the family Car product product quality problems consumers with three bags of evidence by the repairer free repair, including work costs and material costs.

three packs of responsibility Article XVII: family Car product repair period of not less than 3 years or a mileage of 60,000 kilometers, whichever comes first ; product family Car three packs valid for a period not less than two years or a mileage of 50,000 kilometers, whichever comes first. Family Car product warranty period and the warranty period from the date of Issuance of the seller purchase invoice calculation.

three packs of responsibility Article 18 product family Car repair period, the family Car product product quality problems, consumers with three bags of evidence by the repairer free repair (including working hours costs and material costs). Japanese family Car product sales from purchase invoices are Issued within 60 days of travel or mileage 3000 km (whichever comes first), the engine, transmIssion main parts of the product quality problems, consumers can choose a free replacement of the engine, transmIssion. Engine, the type of the transmIssion range of the main part by the producer certificate expressed in three bags, which should conform to the type of the scope of the relevant national standards or requirements, specific requirements separately by the AQSIQ. Consumable product family Car parts product quality problems in its warranty period, consumers can choose a free replacement of consumable zerocomponent. Parts subject to wear types and quality assurance range expressed by the producers of three bags on the voucher. The kind of producer-EXPRESS Consumable parts shall comply with the relevant national standards or requirements, specific requirements can be determined by the State AdminIstration of Quality SupervIsion.

thirty-three bags of liability exemption provIsions: in the family Car product warranty period and the warranty period, there Is the family Car products used for rental or other operating purposes; the operators involved on product quality, three bags can not assume responsibilities under thIs provIsion. So to remind the faithful Car, for their own vital interests, please read the following in the owner’s manual Carefully before regIstering net about Cars, on which the vehicle warranty, the warranty Is described in detail, Will shorten the time after general warranty and warranty vehicle regIstration commercial vehicles.

Therefore, please note that the faithful Car, although the net around the Car to make money, but after about Cars regIstered net of insurance may not pay, Will affect the vehicle warranty, welcome the faithful Car publIshed under their views.