Precautions when car insurance, after reading no longer pit of money, there are several functions to understand

due to the improving quality of life now, almost everyone at some time Will choose to buy a Car, but the Car Is not as cheap to buy food, its price Is not low, so most people are still very protective of their Car, and if their Car there was an accident, then it certainly Will feel bad, so most Car owners Will be after the road to the insured, and must be done to the insurance company to pay high insurance . In peacetime, when just on the road, the insurance also about millions, not particularly expensive, but in these projects, I have what you have to buy a non-essential items, that Is commercial insurance. The role of strong general insurance just for your collIsion and scrape to provide insurance, but usually there Will be some other cases, today gave us some four commercial Auto insurance.

The first Is to pilfer first: the role of insurance Is that if your Car was stolen, and the police are in three months did not solve the case, then the insurance company Will be your compensation in accordance with the value of your vehicle, but most of the Cars are not stolen someone, but your point Is not dare to steal the Car. Not to mention everywhere in thIs camera era, unless wilderness remote places, or within three months of almost no Car theft Is not caught.

The second Is the spontaneous loss of insurance: the role of insurance Is that if your Car without modification of the private, short-circuit some cases then cause burning Cars burned, the insured Will be to play a role. But still points of the vehicle, such as a few years ago it was a hundred million vehicles called back Is because of spontaneous combustion, so we are not allowed to see when the first cast may also wIsh to try two or three years, the annual insurance not much money.

The third Is the rIsk of breakage of glass: ThIs Is to ensure that the insurance if your vehicle appears broken glass alone, then the insurance company Will go to the actual price you compensation, but the sunroof does not belong within the scope of insurance, so I think the situation did not occur unless we take the keys Za Boli, the other should not have happened in thIs case, the thief can not be so bold it.

The last Is a board officers liability insurance: ThIs Insurance Is to ensure that your Car, if the safety of the passengers emerging Issues are damaged, then the cost for rescue or compensation, each seat Will pay you minimum ten thousand, the highest Will pay to you ten million. And the amount of insurance Is a fee of around 100 seats, so the price Is not expensive, you can still go about the cast.

Xiaobian Summary: After reading the above four commercial insurance, in fact, except the last one in need of insurance Is necessary, the other three I think that Is not particularly useful, if you really feel bad your Car too, but more than paying the money, you can go to cast a vote, you can vote several rIsk?