Police: car to buy “insurance”, the four full enough, stop wasting money on silly

bought a Car a lot of friends should be very clear, after the purchase of vehicles Is not to say we can direct the driver on the road, in addition to obtain the appropriate documents other than we Will need to purchase purchase tax and insurance, while insurance generally divided into two types, one Is to pay high insurance, one Is commercial insurance, to pay high insurance for thIs part of insurance Is required to pay, and if we do not teach on the road, once caught on a breach of traffic rules, face a fine. But another part of the insurance business Is a great option selectivity, many owners in the Car, because the vehicle Is a smattering of knowledge, understanding Is not thorough, sales consultant and constantly urging the owners to buy all rIsks, thIs time a lot of owners under stumbled state, Is to give yourself a lot of buy vehicle insurance, a reminder for the police: when you buy insurance for their Cars, as long as there are four perfectly adequate business insurance, do not then foolIshly spend money wasted.

Police: to buy Car insurance, these four complete enough, stop wasting money on silly

the first: traffic compulsory insurance

thIs insurance Is like mentioned above, room owners at the time of purchase no choice must be purchased, if you do not buy Will not be able to drive traffic, but to pay high insurance prices are decided according to the number of seats from the owners, it Is aimed at traffic accidents, damage to the knocked party, generally the amount paid in 10 million, the highest not more than 130,000, from the other side, can effectively help the owners solve a lot of economic pressure. After all, no one can guarantee their Car when traveling elsewhere, and that the accident did not happen.

The second: three liability insurance

The importance of insurance Is very large, second only to Traffic insurance, almost all Car owners would choose thIs insurance, its main role Is to compensation for pecuniary loss knocked the party, if that Is to pay high insurance payout, the maximum amount Is not more than 130,000, then thIs amount for some small fully able to cope with the accident, but if some of the large-scale encounter some serious traffic accident, the money Is far from enough, theTo say at thIs time, three insurance played a huge role, it’s the maximum payment amount may reach one million, largely for the owners to reduce the burden. If we are in a luxury Car, the loss of even smaller.

The third: the Car damage

Firstly, our Car Is a vehicle, then travel the process Will inevitably encounter some bumps, even while the vehicle Is parked in one place does not move, sometimes scratched by a number of other vehicles, but they can not find the appropriate perpetrators. Our Car damage insurance on the role, it can be paid to the owner in accordance with the original amount, of course, does not mean that all vehicle damage, the insurance companies are able damages, tires and headlights of these are not within thIs option.

Fourth: non-deductible

The above three different insurance Auto insurance, it has a certain particularity, if you want to buy thIs insurance, must purchase the Car damage insurance or third party liability insurance in the future, have the right to purchase insurance for thIs one, that thIs Is a kind of non-deductible additional form insurance, so in many cases, if I do not I purchased such insurance deductible, once the accident occurs, the insurance company Will assume some of the costs incurred should be paid. To a large extent reduce the pressure on the owners, so say no deductible Is also very practical.

To sum up: When we buy insurance for their vehicles, do not lIsten to hype sales consultant told us, give to the vehicle all rIsks, wasted tens of thousands of dollars. In fact, that they are not useful, a lot of insurance in normal life Will never use, even in an accident, it Is difficult to play a role in these types of insurance, traffic police to remind you once again, as long as have more than four types of insurance, the vehicle completely enough, never again silly to waste money, and thIs readers, do you have what kind of view? Welcome, we explore together under proposed. Thanks for reading.