Police: Car insurance you can buy three, buy other Is money pit!

now, our lives are getting better and better. To improve life in some aspects, but also we Will bring a lot of surprIses. To say, in fact, there are more and more people to buy a Car. Once you have the Car and, no doubt, it Will also facilitate our lives a lot. So, when a portion of the increase in Car, but also Will bring a lot of bad side of. Then, for example, sometimes, we drove down the street, it Will not avoid some of the bump. And thIs time, in fact, if we are able to give hIs Car last insured, Will be a lot easier. So, in fact advent of the Automobile, but also bring a lot of profit to the insurance industry. Police: Car insurance you can buy three, buy other Is money pit!

then, take a look and small series, on so many Car insurance, we should choose what kind of insurance Is more appropriate it? Well, first of all we are it Is more agreeable, buying a Car, then you definitely want to buy insurance. In all insurance, there Is a pay high insurance Is compulsory must post. And Why should thIs provIsion, mainly because, in a lot of time, a Car actually has some dangerous things, so that, if an insurance do not buy it, it would be too unreasonable a. Therefore, the relevant provIsions of the transport sector Will have to buy a pay compulsory insurance, thIs Is the case, it Will be in the event of any accident, when it Will be some of the most fundamental guarantee. But to be honest, that Is, in real life, to pay high insurance, does not provide any role, mainly because of the amount of compensation to pay high insurance given Is too small, so that the owner Will also be other I Will go buy some other insurance. Well, small series on the recommendation of the traffic police, for everyone to recommend, most types of insurance should be purchased.

in a lot of the time, some of the more clever owners Will choose to buy some very different business insurance, so, in fact, the actual insurance compensation time, that was rather more. However, in so many insurance years, we know what Is useful and what Is to no avail do? Previously, a small series have contacted the traffic police, as he went to inquire about thIs thing. And heHe said that when buying insurance, just a few buyers of insurance Is enough. So, we take a look at, say traffic police in the end Is what insurance.

The first one Is, Car insurance personnel. In fact, thIs insurance, the insurance Is not really a lot of owners Will be so concerned about, but, in fact, it Is a very useful insurance. ThIs Is mainly because a lot of times, we are not alone in a go driving. So a lot of time, which Is we are all out to play with friends and relatives. Well, thIs time, in fact, the insurance Is relatively useful. If you have thIs insurance, then in fact, he Is to have hIs Car passengers, there Will be a good guarantee, so to say, in fact, a lot of the time, the purchase of insurance Is also useful. If the accident, then, Is not only the responsibility but also the owners of a people to bear, and also safer for everyone to buy a Car insurance in the.

The second Is, third-party liability insurance. If you Car Is good in the parking lot, he did not drive. However, like everybody says he Is, in fact, there Is a word called, sitting at home, the pot from the house. And thIs time, then we simply can not find the driver, and thIs time, in fact, our third-party liability insurance it can show its role in the. Also, in one respect, in fact, the responsible party if the owner Is, then, in fact, it Will play a greater role. It provides, if the other party Is the owner led to injury or death and, then, thIs insurance Is to compensate for medical expenses may be ninety percent, or play a relevant compensation. And we are also aware, now just go to the hospital to open a drug, it Will cost are also great. And if it Is the other side of the injury Is serious, common to pay high insurance Is simply not enough compensation. So, if we buy the third party liability insurance, then it Is still very useful.

The third Is the non-deductible insurance. If the owner Is buying a lot of types of insurance, but there are special cases in some parts of the Car Is unable to bear, then thIs insurance Is that you can go shipments roleA. In thIs time, in part those not compensated, but also Will be based on thIs insurance to give compensation. However, another aspect, the traffic police also said, at the time of actual processing, in fact, the compensation Is to look at when buying insurance, and that the two sides signed the scope and amount of compensation, so thIs Will be a lot of attention of. Pictures of the article from the network, if infringement, please contact the author deleted.