Pay car insurance, but also pay attention to these things, with a look!

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and today we learn about you when Car by natural dIsasters, the insurance company claims of what? We might hear someone say, I bought the Car the whole Car Is obviously dangerous, Why my Car when wading can not get compensation? So thIs time have some knowledge of Car insurance Is still very necessary.

the first to know “all rIsks” does not mean full protection, when our vehicle in the stationary state, the water brewing, thIs time our Car broke down, the insurance company It Is to be full compensation, but when we are in the process of moving Car, as a result of wading Car engine failure, thIs time the insurance company Will not pay compensation, because it Is caused by man-made, so thIs has been a wading people are buying insurance in the future, when there Is a problem of the Car, the insurance company Is still no reason to be paid.

some small knowledge about Auto insurance, when our Car was flooded in the stationary state, then the insurance company should be full compensation, as well as maintenance cost, when our Car in the process of moving, was flooded and cause flameout, the insurance company Will be paid to the loss of engine failure than us, but when wading the Car stalled, the driver tried to start the Car, and that when thIs behavior occurs, the insurance company Will not give us any compensation, so experts suggest, try not to move the vehicle after the accident occurred.

When the Car broke down, the first Is to give the insurance company a call report, because the only way the insurance companies can promptly rushed to the scene, according to our vehicle of the damage taken different measures to compensation insurance, determine the specific impairment charges, then the insurance company to compensate us, of course, thIs Is also the time to provide the appropriate driver ID Card, bank Card, driving license and other related documents presented to the insurance company, so as to get the appropriate compensation.

When our vehicles, because of rain and cause the Car to drift awayGround, and struck the other vehicle body, and that the insurance company should compensate it how? When our Car really Is because the buoyancy of water, and hit another vehicle or object to it, and the driver does not re-start the vehicle, thIs time the insurance company can compensate by caustic danger, the so-called People’s Insurance Auto insurance can not to compensate by caustic danger, so when he encountered thIs situation we can also try to claims by a third party liability insurance.

In short, when our Car problems encountered in the process of moving, we do not attempt to move the Car, be sure to call the insurance company, so them for processing. Thank you readers who read and watch, thank you for your support!

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