Part I – what in the end need to buy car insurance

buy a Car to buy insurance, many types of insurance, each person’s situation and needs are different, so what to buy the insurance vary. Insurance Is divided into pay high insurance and commercial insurance, to pay high insurance by definition Is traffic compulsory insurance, it Is the state regulations must be on, not on Is not allowed on the road, the commercial insurance thIs Is according to their actual situation can buy, or which are worth buying kinds of problems. Of course, small series that commercial insurance Is a must buy, because it also introduced before the article, but because of a variety of commercial insurance, it can be said Is varied, a lot of people do not know what the right to buy, or do not know each of the commercial insurance role in today’ll tell you what we in the end the insurance to buy it? The role of each insurance and what it Is?

to pay high insurance, the full name of the traffic compulsory liability insurance. Each vehicle must have the insurance, if not, your Car Is illegal on the road, but also make life difficult for the annual inspection. In the event of major accidents, the highest claims was 110,000, the maximum compensation 11,000 personal, vehicle damage highest limit compensation 2000. For example, if you hit hIs Car bumper bad, and it takes 2,000 yuan, it would only take enough to pay compulsory insurance, commercial insurance do not have to move. Section if more than pay high insurance borne by commercial insurance, Is to start to pay high insurance, commercial insurance paid enough began to appear, which Is to pay high insurance role. If people injured occurred highest 11,000, if a serious accident or death, or cause significant economic losses, the maximum compensation limit Is 110,000, a relatively small accidents, such as scratching between the Car ah so, in 2000 dollars It Is the upper limit of normal.

Then there are the commercial insurance, commercial insurance too much, let’s analyze one by one, first Is the Car damage. I believe that thIs not spent that know what Is the use of caustic danger. That it Is, after you have a traffic accident, because if it Is your responsibility resulting from traffic accidents, accidents caused by their own responsibility, others certainly Will not compensate ah, so the damage done by your Car, then you can come by the Car damage tube. ThIs Is not on the insurance you make decIsions by themselves, or that some cases may not be on. For example, you are driving a vehicle Is very old, an accident has no need for maintenance, or repair costs of oil has caught up with the value of the vehicle itself, that thIs insurance Is availableNot to on. ThIs insurance Is determined based on the value of your Car, the more valuable the more expensive the Car, the cost Will be higher that the corresponding caustic danger, the insurance amount Is higher.

The second rIsk Is the three insurance business, the rIsk Is in a traffic accident, help you lose you because of your third-party liability resulting from compensation, whether you hit or hit by a Car or public non-motorized transport facilities, to lose money when the three insurance Is the role played by it to help you make payment. It should be noted that insurance companies are deductible responsibility, not to say the accident, the insurance company Will compensate all the help you, it Is 20% deductible responsibility. For example, an accident need to compensate 10,000 Insurance could only 8000, and that 2000 Is not compensable.

The third Is non-deductible insurance, and say that if the accident, I wanted to let all the insurance companies money, it can not count on deductible insurance, with thIs insurance company Will be full compensation. Therefore, Xiao Bian suggest that you do not deductible insurance must still on, thIs Is also not much money, a few hundred dollars now, still very appropriate.

The fourth seat Is dangerous, thIs Is when accidents happen, people can compensate for economic compensation insurance on the seat. Seat did not rIsk much money, a total of five Car, then probably a hundred dollars, every seat upper limit of compensation 11000, you can also choose the choice Is not on, by your own decIsion. Because the sum insured on more than 10,000 dollars, really Is not a lot, of course, better than nothing, so individual purchase according to the actual situation.

We next continue to explain the knowledge of insurance, welcome to leave comments.