Our vehicle insurance actually has a lot of free items, how much you know about it?

Insurance Is actually a very good investment, whether it Is life insurance or Car insurance described in thIs article can relieve the pressure on us, especially Car insurance, because the Car Will inevitably be in the process of moving a year point occurs when the friction, although a little friction Will not go to the insurance company, but a more serious accident occurred on the very good. But there are still many owners for the second year of insurance money can not be less troublesome insurance companies, the Car felt very loss of insurance to buy, in fact, we do not know Is that the insurance also contains a lot of services.

First, the service free of charge to the owner to send gasoline

Many owners sometimes do not Will pay attention to how much gasoline their Cars, so sometimes in hIs Car Paozhaopaozhe found no oil, and thIs time you happen to have on location are not familiar with, then you can call the insurance company, your reaction the situation, they Will be based on your request sent over to gasoline, but one thing Is that the Car needs oil money of your own.

Second, the free water was added

when you find yourself in the same Car when the need to add water, can also call the insurance company asks for water service, but thIs cost Is very high, so generally pay attention to your tank.

Third, free of charge services

forgot to turn off lights it Is a very common thing in driving the process, in particular the need to open the night road Car, which would make their own battery power becomes low, causing the Car can not start, thIs time Insurance companies also offer services.

Fourth, towing services

If our Cars in everyday driving, there has been a sudden accident Car on the road does not come launch also could not get the Car moved away, thIsWhen the trailer also can request a service, the insurance company Will offer buyers a free service.

Fifth, fast repair services

ThIs Is a small service, but still very important in everyday life.