One second to read car insurance! No longer have to buy insurance Is a pit!

Xiao Bian Is a senior Automotive professionals, Car insurance knowledge to learn more, I hope the knowledge can help to you, if wrong, hope the owner pointed out and criticized. If it helps you, but also hope for your interest praIse, the future Will introduce more useful things.

My father Is the owner of a new Car, because when buying a Car Xiao Bian experience also barracks, and later demobilization 4S shop to go home to see my father out of the insurance policy, some of the there Is no need to buy insurance, but the insurance 4S shop a rebate Is lower than the insurance company, Is very angry. The next year 4S shop also called to let my father go to their shop to buy insurance, I was decIsively rejected, eventually bought the Pacific Insurance Company, the insurance less the same cost 500 yuan.

give the owners do not understand the science of insurance under the insurance knowledge:

Car insurance Is divided into compulsory insurance (state regulations required to purchase) and commercial insurance

1 price no objection to compulsory insurance, all prices are uniform nationwide, as follows:

from the family Car about 6 950 element

from the above six family Car 1100 yuan

2-based commercial insurance points insurance and additional insurance

primary insurance:

(1) third-party liability insurance: thIs property insurance with pay high insurance Is the same, the accident Is your responsibility, We need to use to pay the rIsk to each other. Since the same nature, Why buy to pay high insurance still want to buy thIs insurance, as do more than pay high insurance only paid 122,000 yuan, of which only 2,000 yuan in property damage, thIs amount Is not enough. I think the core of thIs liability insurance Is insurance, because he makes you at ease on the road driving. Third party liability insurance compensation limit of 50,000, 100,000, 150,000, 200,000, 300,000, 500,000, 1 million and above. Although the large gap between the insured amount, but paid the premium difference Is very small. Buy 1 million of the sum insured, the premium Will be about 1100 yuan. So I suggest that you buy the insurance that one million of the sum insured, do not worry about someday hit by a luxury Car to go bankrupt.

(2) loss of vehicle insurance: ThIs insurance Is mainly based on your insurance Is the actual value of the vehicle to determine the amount of insurance, the real value Is to depreciation under the actual number of vehicles – monthly depreciation rate Is also specified.

(3) vehicle liability insurance: the driver’s seat and the passenger seat Is a separate insured, the insurance Is often said seat, driver’s seat and the passenger seat can choose different the sum insured separately . Generally at least $ 10,000.

(4) the entire vehicle pilfer: ThIs rIsk insurance amount Is generally based on the actual amount after vehicle depreciation.

= new Car to purchase insurance amount grid – the amount of depreciation

the whole Car pilfer insurance Is to keep thIs according to their own situation to decide whether purchase, if your Car Is often parked in the sparsely populated neighborhoods or that wilderness, I suggest you buy it, on the contrary you have your own parking space or work life Is generally in big cities, cameras are everywhere, almost no there may be a rIsk of robbery, even robbery, the thieves do not run far.

the main rIsk we finIshed it said additional rIsks: As the name suggests additional rIsks attached after the main rIsk Is establIshed in order to purchase after you buy the corresponding primary insurance.

1 Excluding franchIse insurance: ThIs insurance Is generally recommended that you buy, the main rIsk Is there because each franchIse, depending on the divIsion of responsibilities (as outlined in: full responsibility , equal responsibility, primary responsibility, secondary liability) and the franchIse after the accident in the other party Will not escape the generally 5% to 30% range.

2 motor vehicle damage insurance third party can not find special insurance: popular talk significance of thIs insurance Is to find people to escape after the other, or what you are unilateral accident hit the wall. BUG insurance like thIs exIsts, we must buy, as to Why, do not know the owner can ask me.

3 glass breakage alone: ​​If you are a domestic Car, cheap glass, has its own garage Is not parked on the roadside, in order to save money can still rounding of luxury vehicles I suggest that you buy it. ThIs insurance Is still a BUG.

Natural loss insurance 4: ThIs Is a problem if the insurance external factors as a result of the non-circuit of the vehicle itself Is not naturally lose.

5 body scratches insurance: there Is no obvious traces of collIsion, parked on the roadside, no community property, a new Car, novice drivers, it Is recommended that you buy.

6 new equipment loss rIsk: if you like the modified vehicles, then thIs insurance Is essential oh.

7 Engine wading insurance: engine inlet leading to the insurance company to give paid time launch damage. If the owners in the South often floods can, or often drive in many places water, ditches, ah, what the river Is still recommended to buy.

It Is recommended that you buy the insurance before slightly ahead of some communication with the insurance company and let them do the activities when you notice, usually a few hundred dollars cheaper . There Is a different insurer conversion price Will also hundreds of pieces of different gap. 4S shop or forget it. Told me that the last time to send a maintenance project, Is not that force you to buy insurance you have to go to him Care, Is to send you a single project, other projects have to let you Qiantaochulai. Now the insurance company, then suggest that you select PICC, Ping An, thIs life. Peace Is losing money fast, I heard that their company systems more advanced, the process Is not so much, a little cumbersome Life, PICC do not say it, the first domestic property insurance, do not do too much comment.

I hope my article Will help to you, if you have any questions at any time I can, I Will do my best to help you. Thank you for taking ten minutes to see here.