On car insurance have to say something

of small series phones these days old It Is constantly ringing, not to send money dIspenser, but spend messenger. Since buying a Car, one to two months before the insurance expire, the phone constantly, today said the insurance business.

I believe we all know, the Car to the road, must be turned over to compulsory insurance. ThIs Is absolutely necessary, that Is the bottom line, the red line. Traffic Insurance in the absence of injury, the third-party payment up to $ 2000, a third party Is three, the premIse must be your full responsibility for each other’s Car was damaged and was to accompany. If you hit the wall hit the tree, it Is not accompany; if hit by other Cars, people did not hurt, up to 2000, regardless of the vehicle, regardless of the level, regardless of social status; if butt, did not lose 10,000 dead, killed up to pay 110 000 . To pay high insurance Is not enough, so there Is business rIsk out.

business insurance a lot of people say it on all rIsks, in fact, not necessary, if the family has mine on the do not say. If you do not then recommend three types of insurance: Car damage, three, Is not deductible. But the three points as much as possible, preferably 300,000 or more.

Why can not other types of insurance on it? The following describes what the characterIstics of other types of insurance

1, glass insurance, the full name of glass breakage alone, Is your Car which Is also all right, the glass Is broken, glass insurance only accompany a lot of the original glass Is not too expensive Car, the last 150 glass insurance, the insurance expires before you get a new glass, premiums go up, do not change, 150 wasted, no use of it, if there Is an accident, take the Car damage insurance, you can still have a way. Of course, luxury Car or to on.

2, scratches insurance, fixed amount 2000,5000,10000 such as your Car Is scratched, you can directly accompany, but can not exceed your limit, not a small amount necessary, but not necessarily big enough amount can be used to repair Car damage insurance payment, So there Is no need. 3, spontaneous combustion rIsk, more than 8 years of Car insurance Is not spontaneous combustion rIsk, the probability of Car ignition Is lower than the lottery, say the Car ignition can find manufacturers talk! The 4, wading insurance, it Is suggested that often flood the city, other places, pay attention to the point of it.

5, pilfer, as long as you can on the city public security does not matter, do not have access to thIs city in general insurance, be sure to stop parking to the regular parking generally fine.

Let me say must be on:

1, Car damage Is to repair your own Car, insurance Is to Insurance point, there Is always a Shangaoshuidi Car, the inevitable bumps and Car repair damage to worry about. 2, the other three are Car repair people, preferably not less than 300,000, the higher the better, preferably 500,000, driving afraid butt, really an accident, almost enough .

3, Is not deductible, if you do not count on free, so you only paid 70% of the loss, specifically do not know, only on the terms of the King are also considered, I do not know tube regardless of antitrust laws?

Above that Is not absolute, such as novice, the driver, the driver and other new, or the best all rIsks, thIs does not explain.