On car bumpers, you know how much, Why give up the choice of metal plastic?

A friend recently asked me how the material Is plastic Car bumpers do? It Is more a question of the representative, and take the opportunity today to talk about you. Why use plastic, it really safe? Surely we also have thIs question in doubt. Here we give to explain with you, we want you to watch Carefully oh.

In fact, in the past, when the time-based metal bumpers, which uses a steel sheet stamped and formed and then connected with the frame. Later, due to various reasons, Automobile manufacturers gradually found a better material plastics. He Is said to be called Fiat, from that time such a design was immediately adopted major Car manufacturers. Here, many people think they are cutting corners. There are also a lot of friends in their daily lives, it Will be referred to Japanese Car plastic bumpers are not strong enough, there Is such a shoddy argument. Then it came back to say Why the sudden use of plastic materials for manufacturing it? One of the reasons, what does?

One of the biggest reasons Is to control its cost, ease of production and design and, in thIs regard Is the biggest reason. We should be very clear that we are already producing Cars of the mold, in addition to the use of special materials other than the body needs, many would choose plastic parts. To say the Car’s bumper, and that thIs Is more classic precedent. However, except for some parts other than the body, such as the tail which Will use some relatively light plastic.

Then again, thIs Is a bumper that can not only save costs, but also for some industrial-level requirements also become low. It Is easier to produce, after the cost under control repairer, the final market price Will be relatively reasonable number, so that our consumers have a great advantage. In addition to some of the plastic bumper, and some luxury sports Car, it Is the use of Carbon fiber, the purpose of thIs design Is to lose weight, then that Is the lightest vehicle to do so Will increase its speed and Automatic effect.

Here, there are many networkFriends says it reduces costs, such a bumper that can protect the safety of the driver do? Because the safety Car, and not just rely on in thIs regard bear, which depends on the frame structure of the body, so the addition of such a design and manufacturing costs, plastic bumper was able to protect our role. Because it’s more flexible material than metal, able to absorb impact ability, such an action would significantly reduce our impact force, greatly reduce our injuries. For the above questions, we all understand it? ThIs Is the reason Why the choice of the plastic bumper.