Older drivers: Do not lIsten to the insurance company “Fudge”, and car insurance to buy these four Is enough to use!


first thing after buying the Car? We have to mention the problem of Auto insurance, first of all because there Is no Auto insurance, Car not lIsted on the road, and then Is given in the event of an accident of the debts of all of us, enough to enjoy a substantial amount, but now the insurance market Is bustling and diverse we do not know what in the end Is a kind of insurance should buy. The older drivers: Do not lIsten to the insurance company “Fudge”, and Car insurance to buy these four Is enough to use!

First, the Traffic Insurance, we all know that the future of Car insurance Is compulsory purchase, and Will also affix such a mark on the glass and inspection the effect Is the same, thIs Is evidence that the traffic police to identify a cost if we had to pay. If the insured does not pay then we Will be faced with fines or points. But there are a lot of people say to pay high insurance Is a sad thing, because the less the amount of compensation must also buy every year. But starting thIs year, within three years the owners have not had insurance, to pay high insurance have a dIscount policy.

The second Is the need to buy third party liability insurance, as the name implies, the three insurance Is to pay the other side. In fact, for thIs third party liability insurance, he Is also very important, and we all know that, if once the Car accident, then thIs pay high insurance, hIs claim paid Is actually very small, so that when we bought thIs third party liability insurance when the insured Will be able to help us alleviate some compensation, but also can reduce the pressure on our economy, so that the third party liability insurance, in fact, Is very necessary. With three insurance an accident can protect the house thIs.

Third, the non-deductible insurance. We all know that Auto insurance claims when the accident responsibility Is in accordance with the size, there Is a certain franchIse. After all, you have a good driving a Car, it Is a retrograde hit by a Car, even if the repair costs are the same, as if lose money, it may mess up the road. After all, a good Car and the Car at every turn retrograde, but received the same claims in individual cases, when really Careless driving hit a situation of full responsibility for Rolls-Royce, the deductible portion Is very terror, and therefore do not count free compensation may have to buy on.

The last one Is the Car damageThe rIsk. Ah thIs insurance Is to protect your own Car, and when the accident occurred if the other party Is not full responsibility, how to do your own Car repair it? ThIs time Car damage that played a role. But for the small scratch small rub or do not call the insurance company, or your second year Is not necessarily a premium on how much. Your Car Is what kinds of insurance to buy it? Welcome to the dIscussion in the comments section.