Older drivers: Do not be silly insurance company cheated, four more practical Insurance

Now Car owners are more and more Cars on the road more and more, and with so many Cars on the road, and essential Will have some traffic accidents, so people to be safe, we Will go to the major insurance companies to buy insurance. Insurance price of regular Car also thousands of dollars, but at the time of the accident to restore more real economic losses to the insured property, so the insurance Is very important, but not all have to use the insurance, nor Is it the more the more expensive the insurance well, then what kinds of Auto insurance in the end to buy it? Old driver said, Do not be silly insurance company cheated, four of insurance Is more practical, regret it but now I know.

the first type. Compulsory insurance. ThIs insurance Is compulsory insurance mandatory national post, such insurance once the Car you want on the Card must pay the amount usually a few hundred dollars, the role of such insurance Is responsible for the emergence of multi-party accidents when used in your Car compensation for the loss of others.

second type third party liability insurance. ThIs insurance and compulsory insurance, are used to accompany others, but strong rIsk of the insured amount less than normal, so there was really an accident after rescue of thousands of dollars Is just not enough, so the time you need to buy Third party liability insurance. Third party liability insurance based on the sum insured different, the price Is different from vehicle to look at their actual needs to purchase third-party liability insurance different sum insured.

A third rIsk wading. Wading insurance Is actually a relatively pit of insurance. Caustic danger because there Is no engine and wading insurance, so that the insurance was taken out separately. The Insurance may be more important for the friends of the South, it must be noted that there has been no case of secondary ignition of the vehicle after being submerged in order to be paid.

A fourth non-deductible insurance. Insurance after all, Is a business investment, and certainly the interests of businessmen to do business based, although so many insurance insured amount Is relatively high, but many times they only paid part, without deductible insurance means that if the vehicle dangerous condition, then, Will the full amount in the insured amount.