Older drivers: Car Insurance Is the pit? Insurance to provide free services in these cases!

Many owners face when talking about insurance, and even very angry and very helpless, felt the Car insurance business too pit, pay a year, many Auto insurance costs but a service did not enjoy! In fact, not all insurers are the pit, in many cases, if the owner of the Car malfunction and other Issues, the insurance companies Will be free to provide these services to you, but many people do not know it!

a free services: free delivery of gasoline!

ThIs means that you are not free to send gasoline to send gasoline to buy insurance, but rather due to their own reasons not noticed in your Car fuel the journey, ultimately it should not be forced to stop the Car at highway which, in thIs case, we know how to deal with it?

In fact, you can fight the insurance company’s phone, address and explain the situation to them, they Will send you free gasoline service after you just have to give them gasoline to pay for gasoline the additional costs required to pay service fees, the number of Car owners know about it?

Free Services Project II: Free on-site repair!

give their Auto insurance Is always in order to reduce losses and provide quality services, a lot of people did not enjoy the service it Is because you do not know, the Car suddenly failure which led to the case broke down, you can also call the insurance company, they can offer free on-site repair, provided that you are a veteran driver, after you determine the Car trouble, you can show that you need to replace parts, and failure the reason, the insurance company that they Will provide you with professional service personnel on-site maintenance, maintenance Is finIshed you only need to pay the cost of replacement parts can be!

Free Services III: Free Trailer!

vehicle failure on the road and you do not know the cause of fault, the trailer maintenance Is many people’s choice, after all trailer repair the most direct and less to a lot of trouble, and now after-salesMarket among the increasingly high cost of the trailer, and thIs time the insurance company to give you a free towing service, thIs you know?

four free services: free pick up electrical service!

There are many fault Automobile, and loss of battery power Is one of them, especially in winter and summer, many owners sitting in the Car without air conditioning blowing to Car ignition, the final result was the Car battery feed, thIs happens, we can call the insurance company phone, they Will provide you with free access electrical service!

For the above four services provided free of charge, I would like to ask how many owners know? In fact, insurance Is not very pit, you need help when they also give you help!

Car insurance pit many reasons nothing more than the insurance variety, payment slow, high demand, but as long as we learn to reject the type of insurance did not use, and maintain good driving habits, when the Car needs the dangerous condition has to know not free to move Cars, promptly contact the insurance company and the police uncle within 48 hours, the conventional process, although the compensation process trouble, but Will still provide normal Chuxian costs, but the insurance company these free services offered in the Car when we encounter an emergency situation and you know what to do Is a huge help Oh!