Old driver strong reminder: These three do not buy car insurance, or wasted money wasted

due to the cheaper price of the Car, so today’s young people Will also choose a Car as a means of transport, and in the future to start a Car, in order to prevent a loss of our property, so thIs time we but also to buy their own Car insurance, but thIs time some of the old driver said: in fact, there are several safety we still did not need to buy. Old driver strong reminder: These three do not buy Car insurance, or wasted money wasted.

First, the first one kind of insurance that Is wading insurance, basically, thIs also targeted the insurance, some of the Car if you do not accidentally into the deep water, resulting in Car damage, thIs time wading insurance Will play a role, but we can also think about it, we usually are basically in city driving, so it Is difficult to spend a wading dangerous.

The first two kinds of safety glass that Is dangerous, in fact, a few years ago when the glass insurance may still be useful, while the other hand in recent years, as the city’s public security getting better and better, few people would deliberately smashed Car glass, but we can imagine, and now some of Automotive glass Is not very expensive, even if it Is not a small heart-broken we can also replace one yourself.

By comparIson, the first three kinds of insurance that Is pilfer, pilfer role Is very simple, that Is if a Car was after sneaking away, it can also play a crucial role, but now the time has very few people go to Car theft, so thIs pilfer bought and did not buy the same.

Pharaoh Comments: Although at the time of the start of many insurance on our Car to buy, but more than three insurance really Is there Is no need to buy, and no exaggeration to say that once you buy more than three insurance, the insurance company Is basically white to give money only.

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