Old driver said: Just buy four car insurance when you can, the other Is money wasted in the flower

With the development and improvement of living conditions of the social economy, people buy a Car really Is more and more, we all know that after buying Cars on Auto insurance Is to give but there are some insurance we are also necessary, but there are also some insurance we have to buy, today small Will together with you what Auto insurance Is a must buy, let us look at it . Old driver said: Just when you can buy four Car insurance, the other Is money wasted in flower.

strong insurance. Traffic Insurance For most owners are not familiar it should, and it stands for “motor vehicle accident liability compulsory insurance.” Roads occur by insurance companies to the insured motor vehicle traffic accidents caused bodily injury, property damage , compensation in the mandatory liability insurance liability limit at the time of an accident can alleviate some financial burden of the owner, according to the “compulsory traffic accident liability insurance regulations” provides that from the beginning of August 2008, all new Cars and insurance expired vehicle renewal must be purchased traffic compulsory insurance, the premium Is the implementation of 70 national standardized charges by the provIsions of national unity, if not insured Will not be on the Card, transfer, inspection once checked out, then also back and Will double the deduction of premiums the punIshment which we need to understand the.

insurance rates. Third liability insurance are also dedicated to providing services to third parties, that Is, other people in other Cars and so on, because in a third party to pay high insurance property damage and medical expenses paid part of the quota Is fixed, and can only provide basic protection and third party liability insurance Will be different according to the amount of the premium of insurance compensation, the payment amount Will naturally be longer significantly higher, but a third party money Is lost to others, compensation for the owners themselves are also not , recommended for purchase third party insurance focused consider 300,050 Wan 1 million thIs third gear owners can purchase according to their own needs to choose the sum insured of the year are also based on its own conditions to buy.

Car damage. Toilet insurance refers to the insured person or allow the driver of occurrence of an insured accident while driving the insured vehicle when the insured vehicle caused damage to the insurance company for compensation within a reasonable range to an Automotive business insurance novice driversWhen the vehicle technology Is not very good, rich enough experience, collIsion collIsion collIsion are also very common at thIs time, thIs would not have these insurance rubs hIs own pocket, and thIs Is something we are also to understand of.

non-deductible insurance. Currently insurance companies are setting certain insurance deductible or franchIse, if you lose 1,000 yuan, the company also set franchIse Is 30%, then the insurance company can only pay you 700 yuan, if you buy non-deductible insurance of the insurance, then the insurance company Will not calculate the deductible portion, and the total loss of 1,000 yuan, paid to you in thIs role Is still getting bigger one million three insurance, 20% the franchIse Is 200,000, without thIs insurance Will need 200,000 of hIs own pocket, which we also want to know something about, otherwIse the latter are themselves also troublesome.

a lot of 4s shop Will recommend to our various insurance, in fact, we do not need to say to buy all rIsks, only need to buy more, which 4 kinds enough, the other to buy Auto insurance are also likely to waste, so we still have to buy insurance according to their own economic conditions, but more than these types of insurance we are also sure to buy, otherwIse the latter are also our own pocket, these are also the content we want to understand, we have anything to add the can down comments oh.