Old driver said: car insurance these three Is enough, the other Is money wasted in the flower!

state regulations, all vehicles are required to pay to pay high insurance, but to pay high insurance claims range Is relatively small, the amount Is relatively small, so most people Will be in addition to pay compulsory insurance to buy commercial insurance. Commercial insurance which insurance Is very much what Car damage insurance, third party liability insurance, glass insurance, seat insurance, pilfer, spontaneous combustion rIsk and so dazzling, we in the end how to choose? What must buy, which do not need to buy it? Old driver said: Car insurance these three Is enough, the other Is money wasted in the flower!

The first: to pay high insurance such insurance you have no choice, even if you do not want to buy it would have to buy, because thIs Is a national insurance compulsory purchase insurance, if you do not buy thIs insurance, but that Is to be found in the traffic police fines. But pay high insurance compensation levels are very low, the amount of property only two thousand dollars, only a few medical quota of $ 100,000 so only buy to pay high insurance Is not enough.

The second third party liability insurance: The main purpose of buying thIs insurance Is to prevent you hit the luxury Car, give you a guarantee. The second Is to prevent you from accidentally hit people. ThIs insurance Is mainly to buy rest assured, because you prevent major accidents lead to enormous changes lives. Even if you drive the sub-points, we can not guarantee anything unexpected Will happen, afraid of ten thousand afraid of the event.

A third non-deductible insurance. Non-deductible insurance Is a more important additional additional insurance, then buy thIs insurance, the insurance company Will in the event of an accident, be full compensation. Such as the need for compensation of $ 1,000, as required by the insurance company only 80% of thIs compensation, total compensation may be charged $ 800 so that two hundred yuan Is the owners themselves! If your vehicle to buy non-deductible insurance, then the insurance company for compensation in addition to that $ 800 to the remaining two hundred yuan Is also the insurance company to bear!