Old driver said: car insurance these three Is enough, others are basically wasting money

drove off the road, all the time there Is a rIsk, in case of an accident, ranging from bump rub, causing the heavy casualties, so the insurance Is very important. State regulations, all vehicles are required to pay to pay high insurance, but to pay high insurance claims range Is relatively small, the amount Is relatively small, so most people Will be in addition to pay compulsory insurance to buy commercial insurance. Commercial insurance which insurance Is very much what Car damage insurance, third party liability insurance, glass insurance, seat insurance, pilfer, spontaneous combustion rIsk and so dazzling, we in the end how to choose? What must buy, which do not need to buy it? Ask a part-time selling insurance old driver, he said, to buy three kinds of Car insurance Is enough, others bought basically wasting money!

First, third party liability insurance Is a must buy, and buy high amount, at least to 500,000. Driving fear into people or Cars, or if the casualties hit luxury Car, estimated that the amount of compensation to make most people go bankrupt. Third party liability insurance Is for thIs case, if an accident occurs, the insurance company Will help us in the payment limit, reduce our financial losses. Third party liability insurance the following six passenger Cars, the following grade: 50,000, 100,000, 150,000, 200,000, 300,000, 500,000, 1,000,000 and 1,000,000 or more Is not more than 10 million, it Is best to buy 500000 or 1,000,000.

The second Is non-deductible insurance, which Is an additional rIsk, that Is the first buy third party liability insurance or other primary insurance, to buy non-deductible insurance. You know, Auto insurance Is not one hundred percent in accordance with the actual amount of compensation, but there Is a certain franchIse, according to different responsibilities, franchIse also from 5% to 20% in the accident. For example, although you buy 1 million third party liability insurance, but you bear the main responsibility in the accident, the injured party requires 1 million in compensation, the insurance company Will compensate 800,000, while 200,000 Will pay themselves. And if you purchase non-deductible insurance, the insurance company Will pay the full 1 million, do not have to be out a penny. ThIs insurance Is also very important, accident compensation event of two to three million people, it was going out of five or six million, thIs Is not a small sum for the average family.

Third, Board officers liability insurance, also known as the seat insurance, if in the accident bear full responsibility for themselves, their own Car there are injuries, thIs insurance Will be paid board staff losses. The probability that insurance should be more suitable for novice and often pull people drivers, novice driving skills does not pass, a crash may occur, hit the wall, turned the accident ditch and the like, and often pull people’s vehicles, accidents causing injury to the occupant also bigger. So to speak, third party liability insurance Is to pay someone else, and lose hIs own seat Is dangerous.

Is more than three insurance Auto insurance more important, the other can choose according to their need to buy, such as Car damage insurance, cheap Car no need to buy, repair the Car Will spend hundreds of dollars, if you take the insurance, trouble Is not that the second year of premiums also rose, with no payment the same. There pilfer, if often relatively safe parking place, there Is no need to buy.

Well, stop here today, and for that matter what your view? Welcome message exchange below.