Old driver reminder: when buying car insurance, these three Is enough, but the “Tyrant” Feel free!

Now people travel Is increasingly inseparable from the Car, and now people’s living conditions getting better and better, almost every house Is to buy a Car, there we bought the Car also Will be more later the convenient, but also a rIsk in driving down the road very big thing, so we all need to buy insurance to buy a Car after Car, and did not buy insurance, then the Car Is off the road. And we buy insurance for the future we also have a great, guaranteed in the event of some unexpected accidents, it Is possible to reduce the pressure on us to a certain extent, but at the time of purchase insurance, might have a lot of the owners are also very tangled buy what kind of insurance, while older drivers reminder: buy Car insurance Is enough for three, but the “Tyrant” Please feel free.

1, strong insurance. To pay high insurance I believe we are very understanding, but also to pay high insurance after buying a Car Is necessary to make a purchase, and thIs also requires a national insurance All vehicles are required to purchase. If the Car Is not purchased insurance to pay strong, then there Is no way normal on the road, and were examined at the time the Car, traffic management departments Will always provide compulsory traffic insurance policies, and are also to be submitted to the public security departments archive. The Traffic Insurance maximum amount of compensation was 12.2 million, if the Car has been compromIsed, then the compensation of 2,000 yuan for medical compensation Is $ 10,000, if the resulting case of death or dIsability, then compensation for 410,000 yuan, so the light has to pay high insurance Is not able to meet our needs, so even said it would buy some other business insurance.

2, insurance rates. In our lives, third liability insurance Is a very common business insurance, there are a lot of owners in the purchase of commercial insurance, Will always choose to buy thIs kind of insurance. For the third liability insurance Is divided into three, and he’s also the sum insured were 300,000, 500,000 and 1 million, for the higher the amount of insurance, then the penalty also Will be more, so when we do not pay high insurance inadequate when to compensation, we can all choose the third liability insurance, and insurance amount owners are also can be selected according to their own wIshes.

3, non-deductible insurance. There are a lot of owners in the purchase of insurance are also choose non-deductible insurance without deductible insurance Is part of an additional insurance, but the insurance company Is not full compensation, but also has a certain amount of compensation the amount, but we are not Careful while driving if a traffic accident, then the other party about the amount of loss of around 10 million dollars, we purchased a third liability insurance, then the insurance company may just be in time for compensation compensation 80,000 yuan, while the remaining 20,000 yuan need to pay ourselves, but if we purchased the additional insurance, then the insurance company Will compensate 100,000 yuan up.

So when buying insurance, in addition to these types of you Will choose which one do? If you have other good recommendation, we also welcome message to share Oh, and when we buy Auto insurance, do not blindly choice must be selected according to their own situation.