Old driver Reminder: Do not be fooled by the insurance company! Car insurance to buy these four Is enough!

For first-time buyers or people who do not understand the insurance, the face of such a wide variety of Auto insurance, you can not really do not know what to buy, think about it just in case you have to buy it . Little do they know there are some insurance after you have a reasonable analysIs of the situation itself can be considered not buy, because their payment terms really too tasteless, and can be used on the really very little chance. Old driver Reminder: Do not be fooled by the insurance company! Car insurance to buy these four Is enough!

The first Will buy Auto insurance Is to pay high insurance, we all know that, for the Car, the Traffic Insurance Is an abbreviation for compulsory purchase, because it Auto insurance can be very good to protect the interests of the victims. And because pay high insurance prices relatively low, but he also claims the amount Is relatively small, though said to be mandatory, but many owners pay high insurance can only put a word Is not enough.

The second Is third party liability insurance, heard the name, we know that it Is doing, thIs insurance Is in a traffic accident after you, and if police determine their responsibilities when it Is handy to use, and Is now traveling the road in Malaysia, luxury Cars a lot, so in case you want to hit the luxury Cars, the use of insurance to great use.

The third Is caustic danger, we can say, third party liability insurance Is to pay someone else, then lost hIs caustic danger Is. In most cases when your Car accident, but also such Car was scratched in the street, or by their own Careless driving a Car hit a tree, and thIs time Is to let the insurance company for compensation, and the owner Is not required to bear the cost, it Is still useful caustic danger drop ~

the final step Is non-deductible insurance, if found that the accident, the insurance company when the compensation Will be vehicle owners full compensation. It Is not deductible, because the insurance companies have a certain franchIse, sometimes you have to hIs own pocket, and that thIs time Is not deductible to play a role, it can put a small portion of which should be borne by your responsibility, and transferred the insurance company to obtain full compensation.