Old driver Reminder: buy more auto insurance really futile, in fact, these three Will be useful

Nowadays more and more Cars, more and more people buy Cars. Now a Car Is not a difficult thing, and now the Car prices are very cheap, the average Car had enough of our daily use. After buying the Car we are most worried about Is probably the Car’s maintenance problems and problems of Car insurance, Auto insurance it refers liable for personal injury or property damage due to natural dIsasters or motor vehicle accident caused by a commercial insurance. Car insurance Is a kind of property insurance, property insurance in the field of Auto insurance belong to a relatively young insurance, thIs Is because Auto insurance Is accompanied by the emergence and popularity of the Automobile and the emergence and development of older drivers reminder: buy Car insurance with nothing more than a really, these three Will actually be useful.

third party liability insurance. As mentioned above, compulsory traffic insurance Is a more practical insurance, but its drawback Is the amount claimed Is too low. Therefore, in order to make up for thIs shortcoming, the insurance company to introduce third-party liability insurance. Third party liability insurance and the insurance compulsory traffic has the same effect. However, the amount claimed far greater than the compulsory traffic insurance. Therefore, the insurance companies have introduced third-party liability insurance to make up for thIs shortcoming. Third party liability insurance Is necessary to buy. The third Is no compensation insurance. After you buy Car insurance, if an accident occurs, the insurance company Will reimburse you, but not full compensation.

to pay high insurance, to pay high insurance without Xiaobian say, as U.S.’s mandatory purchase of insurance, surely we it are very familiar with, paid for you when a traffic accident, maximum limit 122,000 yuan, enough to meet the general traffic accident, but still face major traffic accidents appeared to be inadequate, it Is recommended to use in conjunction with other insurance in the event of an accident can alleviate some of the financial burden. Most importantly, if not insured, Will not be on the Card, transfer, inspection, once investigated, Will be detained vehicles, and impose a double penalty premium!

Car damage. Car damage happens: First, by others broke, and second, I broke up. The first case to find the perpetrators, he lost, you do not buy insurance can obtain compensation and repair; can not find the perpetrators, insured the insurance claim, but Will be deducted from the deductible part, not the insurance repair hIs own pocket. very heavyTo thIs caustic danger point Is no upper limit to how much you paid that much, so the high value of caustic danger, the drivers must also be on.