Old driver reminder: auto insurance to buy these three Is enough, the other Is in wasting money

We can also learn according to some data, now U.S.’s Car ownership has reached 350 million units, every family has a Car already Is a relatively common thing, but there are still a lot of people do not want to buy a Car model, the reason Is very simple, it Is easy to keep a Car a Car Is difficult, the cost of a Car after the start of, or more, for example: For example, insurance costs, thIs time some of the old driver said in fact, we time to buy Car insurance, buy three kinds of insurance Is enough. Old driver reminder: Auto insurance to buy these three Is enough, the other Is in wasting money.

First, the first one kind of insurance that pay high insurance, to pay high insurance believe that many owners Is quite familiar, but to pay high insurance Is one of the owners must purchase insurance with state regulations, If a Car Is not purchased insurance to pay strong case also can not pass inspection, though to pay high insurance payout amount Is not very much, but in some traffic accidents in the future and indeed we can reduce the economic pressure, it Is quite good.

the first two kinds of insurance that Is the third most common liability insurance, liability insurance of third role Is quite important, the other hand, everyone was driving on the road when the accident occurred, if a third party caused the loss, thIs time the insurance company Will pay compensation in accordance with provIsions of the contract, and in so doing we are indeed able to reduce the economic pressure, even in some of today’s first-tier cities, if we do not accidentally hit a drive luxury Cars, at thIs time if you buy 1 million of insurance rates, it can really help us a lot.

By comparIson, the first three do not understand the insurance that Is between the non-deductible insurance, many novice drivers temporary non-deductible insurance in the end what it meant, for example: it Is deductible amount for example a traffic accident if it Is our own responsibility, so thIs time we should also be borne fully transferred to the insurance company, so that the insurance company Will be able to Instead of we paid, most importantly, there Is absolutely part of the franchIse when the accident happened, so we buy non-deductible insurance Is the right choice.

Pharaoh Comment: Insurance remove other than the above three are completely unnecessary insurance purchased, for example, Is just a scratch insurance, spontaneous combustion rIsk, pilfer and glass insurance and so on, in fact, our role Is not very large, for example, it Is for example the above mentioned pilfer, and now the social order has been so good, as against a Car models mIssing phenomenon never happened.