Old driver reminder: auto insurance to buy these three Is enough, but “Tyrant” Feel free!

In today’s society, people travel has been inseparable from the Car, and now people’s living conditions getting better and better, there are a lot of people are buying Cars, buying a Car after our trip also It Will be more secure, but also a step on the road to drive something rIsky, so we bought a Car in the future Will have to buy the insurance, but if there Is no insurance, then the Car can not be driven on the road Is the. And now more and more Cars on the road, and the slightest mIstake might be some small friction or some of the larger security incidents in peacetime, when driving, but if we have insurance, then we also have to , to a certain extent, can also ease the burden of some protection, but there are a lot of owners in the purchase of insurance are what would be more hesitant to buy insurance, while older drivers reminder: Auto insurance to buy three enough, but if it Is “Tyrant”, then please feel free!

1, strong insurance. In buying a Car after the traffic compulsory insurance and must be purchased, and thIs Is the country requires that all vehicles must purchase a insurance, otherwIse the Car Is not able to normal on the road, and were examined every year the Car when traffic management also Will be asked to provide compulsory traffic insurance policy, and public security departments to find the bottom of the deposit. The Traffic Insurance maximum amount of compensation was 12.2 million, if the Car has been compromIsed, then the compensation that Is 2000 yuan and medical compensation Is $ 10,000, if death or dIsability, then the compensation Is $ 110,000 so that the light have to pay high insurance Is not enough, so we in addition to pay compulsory insurance or to buy some other business insurance.

2, insurance rates. ThIs Is our very common type of commercial insurance in life, and there are many owners in the purchase of commercial insurance, are also choose to buy thIs kind of insurance. There are three third-party liability insurance, the insurance amount, respectively 300,050 and 1 million, if the insured amount Is higher, then the compensation Will be more, so that when the compensation Is not sufficient to pay high insurance, we also can take third party liability insurance, but the amount of insurance can also selected according to the owners’ own wIshes.

3, non-deductible insurance. For non-deductible compensation in thIs Is an additional insurance, but the insurance company Will not pay the full compensation, but also a certain amount of, for example, we are not a traffic accident while driving, then the amount of loss of 10 million in other words, if a third party to purchase liability insurance, the insurance company only paid 80,000 yuan, 20,000 yuan to pay the rest by themselves, but if you purchase additional insurance, then the insurance company Will compensate 100,000 yuan.

When buying Car insurance, there are a lot of older drivers Will choose three of insurance, and the three insurance in our normal life also the largest, and also compare the cost-effective use. If the time to buy Auto insurance also can be a reference, then do not know if you give your Car to buy what the insurance when buying Auto insurance it, if you have other suggestions or other views, it also welcome message to share Oh give us.