Old driver of advice: There are five best not to buy auto insurance, basically useless, purely to give money to the insurance company

As U.S.’s economy continues to develop, people’s lives getting better and better, buy a Car more naturally. Today, U.S.’s Car ownership has reached more than three hundred million vehicles, an increase in the number of Cars Is also a great deal of pressure on traffic, driving on the road there are certain rIsks. It definitely Will buy Car insurance, uninsured Car there Is no way normal driving. Old driver of advice: Do not buy the five Auto insurance, no access to basic, pure white give money to the insurance company.

first: scratches insurance, a lot of the number of Cars on the road, sometimes friction between vehicles, it Will cause scratches on Car damage. And even parked on the roadside, there may be vehicles or pedestrians to draw. But thIs Will only insurance compensation in case of malicious people, and the perpetrators must be found, otherwIse the insurance company Is not compensation.

Second: spontaneous combustion rIsk, the insurance if not already spent eight or ten years of the Automobile, the basic Will not buy, and now Automotive technology has been very mature, basically a new Car Is not going to happen in the case of spontaneous combustion. The insurance Is limited to fire because of problems caused by the Car’s own, because if external factors are not compensable.

Third: wading insurance, the insurance seems quite useless, because the weather Is changeable, many places Will have a typhoon, the Car Is also very easy wading. But after the Automobile and other wading engine Will shut down if thIs time you restart the engine, resulting in damage to the Car, the insurance company Is not compensation. Only after wading Car, the engine Will not start again for compensation.

Fourth: pilfer, Car anti-theft systems are now more powerful, and there Will be roadside monitoring, thIs also refers to the whole pilfer Car stolen compensation Will be, if only individual parts or tires stolen, Is not compensable.

Fifth: glass insurance, the insurance refers to a Car damaged glass alone, Is the focus of a separate injury, such as a brick fell just hit to Automotive glass, thIs Will be compensated. If it Is dropped on the roof leads to shattered windows, InsuranceDivIsion Is not reparation. These are the five kinds of best not to buy insurance, buy Is a waste of money. Everyone has to say about it?