Old driver of advice: buy the insurance Is useless, only four kinds of auto insurance on it!

Today, more and more Car ownership in U.S., a lot of people by virtue of their ability to purchase a Car. But after more than a Car also encountered a lot of troubles, and that Is the Issue of Auto insurance, the insurance Is indeed a good thing, if you do not buy insurance traffic accident occurs, you may lose bankrupt, but after insurance, if an accident occurs the insurance company for reimbursement, even a major Car accident Will not let you lose upside down, so the insurance Is still very necessary, but when buying Car insurance Is also a skill, not to say a bad buy, but some fundamental do not have access, older drivers advice: buy the insurance Is useless, only four kinds of Auto insurance on it.

First: to pay high insurance, first of all in accordance with the regulations, to pay compulsory insurance Is a must buy, cost Is national unity, family Cars (the six) for the first time be required to pay 950 yuan premium, while more than 6 family Car Is required to pay 1100 yuan premium, thIs Is a must buy, do not buy that you can not check the Car, not on the Card, to pay compulsory insurance Is insurance other vehicles or pedestrians, Is the general 2000 yuan payment, also that rubs you the other vehicles, to pay high insurance can be paid 2,000 yuan, but the other Car Is lost, your Car damage to themselves.

Second: loss of vehicle insurance, vehicle damage insurance refers to insurance of vehicles affected by natural dIsasters in the insurance coverage (not including seIsmic) or accidents, resulting in Insurance loss of the vehicle itself, giving the insurer in accordance with the provIsions of the insurance contract damages, costs and loss of vehicle insurance Is linked to the value of the vehicle, depending on the vehicle purchase price, the cost Will be greater difference, longer useful life of some models, thIs Some costs Will be slightly lower, some buy a new Car or a used Car value Is not high consumers, if you do not want to buy loss of vehicle insurance, the idea Is to be understood that as long as a major traffic accident does not happen, the owner usually small accident or rubbed with buy Insurance money Is enough to deal with, but that the insurance Is useful, the proposed purchase.

Third: Excluding special insurance deductible, belonging to an additional rIsk, if found that the accident, the insurance company when the owners compensation Will be full the amount of compensation Is not deductible, because the insurance companies have a certain franchIse, sometimes you have to hIs own pocket, and that thIs time Is notDeductible to play a role, it can put a small part of the responsibility should have been borne by you, and transferred to the insurance company to obtain full compensation, do not underestimate the non-deductible to 1 million for the three insurance 20% of the franchIse Is 200,000.

Fourth: third party liability insurance, that Is, we often say that the three insurance or liability insurance, called the motor vehicle third party compulsory insurance , meaning, accident insurer allows qualified driver occurred in the course of using the insured vehicle, causing direct losses suffered third party personal injury or property, the amount of compensation which shall be paid by the insured, the insurer Will given in accordance with the relevant provIsions of the insurance contract compensation, the so-called third party, there Will be the first person and second person, apparently, the first person and the second person Is the insurance company and the insured, then the third party, it well understood. General said, the insured person and hIs property by all persons and property on the insured vehicle who belongs to the second category, in addition to personnel and property belong to the category of “third party”.