Old driver Is recommended: these basic auto insurance to buy a useless, these three Will actually useful

With the development of our economy every household and raIse the level of Automotive technology, and now the Car has become a common means of transport, and no longer as far-fetched as before, almost every one Will have a their own private Cars, with private Car, since we travel Is more convenient than the previous point, of course, we all know, buy a Car later there are still many things we need to do, for example, to their Car buy insurance, then Xiao Bian today to talk together and to buy their own Car insurance Issues now. Old driver Is recommended: These Auto insurance bought basically useless, in fact, also three useful.

1 Traffic Insurance (each Car must buy): Traffic Insurance under the provIsions of the state Is per-year compulsory insurance, when the responsibility of the tripartite property compensation for damages up to two thousand dollars for medical expenses tripartite maximum compensation of $ 1,000 three-way death and dIsability compensation for up to one hundred and ten thousand yuan(CNY)(CNY). When no liability, property damage tripartite maximum compensation of 100 dollars a tripartite maximum compensation for medical expenses of $ 1,000 three-way death and dIsability compensation for up to $ 10,000 Will not buy to pay high insurance to pay high insurance punIshed twice fines.

2. Car damage. Car damage insurance usually have to buy, like a daily rub and other Issues, maintenance costs can all be looking for the insurance company to pay claims, especially after an accident, if it can not find the perpetrators, the insurance company Will be paid 70% cost of. But the important point to note Is that Car damage insurance want compensation, then the time Will inevitably according to the Car, and then make the appropriate payment after depreciation, depreciation rate Is usually maintained at 7.2% per year. ThIs type of insurance to buy Is definitely a lower economic loss protection.

3. The third party liability insurance. Because pay high insurance limits only sixty thousand Therefore, we need to consider buying three insurance business. As for the amount, according to their own judgment of the situation, the main factor driving their own proficiency, if the driving experience, can not even consider buying less to buy, but for most riders just got a driver’s license, the proposed purchase of a certain amount of business three insurance.

which was basically useless Insurance bought it? I took a look at the following analysIs, wading insurance, glassGlass breakage alone, the whole Car pilfer, spontaneous combustion rIsk insurance actually four substantially useless. The glass breakage alone, only to be broken glass, to take effect when other places are not damaged, if the damage elsewhere, Is to use your Car damage, so the event really just alone and broken glass, and that you can think of a way ah, take a Car damage insurance on it, let’s do some 4S shop to help.