Occasionally, automotive fuses and head gasket Will be problems, may need to be replaced and find the cause of the problem!

Hello, everyone, even though the Car Is powered by mechanical movement produced, but with the development of computer technology, the Car Is also full of wires and circuits. Therefore, when the circuit problems, windows may not be able to roll down, brake lights Will stop working, thIs time we must ensure that they check the fuse not blown. If the fuse Is broken, replace it Is also very easy to change at home and fuse the same. But before you install a new fuse blown fuse should try to find out where the problem lies, or they may blow again. Protection from the effects of fuse circuit currents, if excessive current flows through the fuse, then it Will Automatically fuse, which prevents the remaining wiring and electrical components damaged. Each individual fuses are marked with ampere rating, it indicates the amount of current required to cause it to fuse. In the internal fuse, with a strip of metal conductors, when exceeded, Will melt, determines the thickness of the strip fuse rating.

Most modern vehicles have a blade fuse, with thIs design, the fuse metal strip conductors enclosed in a plastic casing, connected to the strip from the housing two metal bodies extending between the blades. Fuse blade located in the fuse box or power dIstribution block. Normally, an instrument panel below the driver’s side has a box, another box under the hood, the exact position of these boxes can be found in the user manual. Boxed fuse dozens fuse, in most cases, be accompanied by a legend on the cover, it Is used to identify a single fuse, user’s manual Will also provide thIs information. When you find the correct fuse, it needs to be removed, the fuse Is directly from the package lira, may directly with your fingers to pull the fuse, and if does not work, you can use a fuse puller or needle-nose pliers pull. If you are using pliers, be Careful not to fuse too tight.

The reason may be a short circuit the fuse Is blown or component failure, after removing the fuse, the fuse inside view, to see if the fuse metal strip in the middle, if the fuse We need to replace a fuse. Another more advanced method of testing fuse Is using a digital multimeter, ohm meter to set, and connecting a fuse wire to each sheet, the instrument should dIsplay a digital readout. If it shows “OL” (beyond the limit), then the fuse Is blown and needs to be replaced. The first step Is to install a fuseBe sure to select a suitable replacement fuse, do not install different ratings from the original fuse fuse, it may cause the circuit overload can not be blown fuse, and then cause a lot of damage to the circuit or even a fire. Once found the correct fuse, the fuse Will gently push the Cartridge slot, the check circuit to ensure proper operation.

If the fuse continues to blow the circuit Is the emergence of the problem must be solved, thIs problem must be fixed, otherwIse the fuse Will continue off. Another common problem Is the cylinder head gasket problems, thIs failure can easily be determined. White smoke billowing from the engine exhaust and the overheating can be determined, but more subtle cylinder head gasket failure may be more difficult to diagnose. Engine coolant may experience failure or engine coolant failure cases only occur when running under heavy load. The first time you start the vehicle, the driver Will feel even operation of the engine Is not smooth. ThIs cooling system components may need to conduct a preliminary examination and thorough testing to confirm the problem of the engine overheating. Check whether there Is steam or white smoke in the exhaust gas, steam dIscharged from the exhaust gas may be slightly lighter, because the vapor Will be dIstributed to the surrounding air.

Another sign that there may be oil cooling system, the need to check raffinate coolant reservoir. The accuracy of the actual operating temperature of the engine and a thermometer confirmation Is important, thIs can be verified by detecting the non-contact infrared heat gun. Before determining the gasket fails, the cooling system pressure (to eliminate the source of coolant as a coolant leak failure), checking operation of the cooling fan of the radiator and inspection work. Determining whether a cylinder head gasket sealing the most effective and accurate diagnostic test Is to check whether there are the combustion gases of the engine coolant. ThIs heat must be removed in the case of the engine and radiator cap Is completed. ThIs may be somewhat tricky, so be Careful when heated in the case where the engine radiator cap Is removed, or when the engine heats up the cap Carefully removed. Close the lid and the engine radiator incubation, the funnel Is placed in a position where the radiator cap generally.

starting the engine and let it run to observe the circulation of the cooling fluid. Usually there are some bubbles in the cooling system cooling system stored seeIn a large number of bubbles Is an indication of a cylinder head gasket failure. Be very Careful when operating the engine in the radiator cap Is removed, the hot coolant may be unexpectedly removed from the heat sink. When the engine Is running, using a tool drawn through the relevant chemical fumes from the cooling system, the chemicals Will check whether the presence of Carbon monoxide in the cooling system, because if the cylinder head gasket failure or fracture itself, the Carbon monoxide occurs. Another method Is to use the analyzer for checking the vehicle exhaust gas, when the machine Is used, the presence of gas can be measured from the coolant smell of hydroCarbons (HC), and if the reading exceeds HC 50PPM, then DESCRIPTION gasket leaks.