Number of intellectual enabling automotive and insurance industry a new pattern

At present, U.S.’s Auto industry Is facing a severe test of the market shift from incremental to the stock market, the Auto insurance industry Is also an urgent need to deal with the impact and influence by the Car the “new four modernizations” to bring full use of large data potential to reshape the industry, has become an inevitable way to cope with a series of challenges. November 13 to 14, by the American Automobile Technology Research Center Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Automobile Center”) and Bank of America Insurance Information Technology Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “American silver Prudential”) co-sponsored by the Automobile data center resources Center, the US bank and insurance business three letter co-host of “intellectual enabling several leading change” as the theme of the fourth US Auto insurance big data industry Forum held in California, the Automobile Center party secretary, chairman and general manager Tiecheng said: “the rational and efficient use of energy data, and actively promote large data, internet, artificial intelligence, cloud technology, block chain, 5G and other deep application of modern technology, essential for the development of Automobile insurance and banking us. Willing to work with all parties to join hands to build a large Automobile and insurance system data as a guide, scientific and technological innovation-driven development of a new system. “

big data Is the key to the Automotive industry to seize the opportunities

as Tiecheng said: “big data has become a new era of digital economy enterprIses indIspensable means of production.” as the mobile Internet , Networking, cloud computing-depth development of the industry, accelerate national big data strategies floor, 2020 large amount of explosive data volume growth Is expected thIs year, the output value of the domestic market Will reach 800 billion yuan.

In the Automotive industry, big data Is playing an increasingly important role. Big data Is widely used in the Automobile industry chain of planning, development, production, sales, after-market, replacement and retirement of the links, a large degree of application data Will become a core element of competition in the Automotive industry. Consumers big data can help companies accurately depict portraits of consumers, assIst enterprIses in product planning, to help businesses efficiently complete the definition of models and functional details, customization and other complex work. For Automotive companies, big data industry has become a new round of competition in the market and defend. American Society of Automotive Engineers Senior Secretary-General Zhang Ning said: “Big data Is an important part of the future competitiveness of the Car, Is to grasp the market, improve the quality of important aide.”

From a higher perspective, the US Auto industry has entered a new stage of development of high quality from the high-speed development, the development of big data to achieve the transformation and upgrading of the Auto industry Is crucial. “The US Auto industry has stood transformation and upgrading, to achieve high-quality development of key nodes.” AssIstant Secretary-General Chen Shihua think the American Automobile Manufacturers Association, the industry Will be closely linked with the development of big data development, big data Is the only way Automotive power.

Of course, the Automotive industry are also shortcomings and bottlenecks in big data work. Zhang Ning mentioned the problem lack of industry standards: “The lack of standards, resulting in statIstical data Is not the same, the ways and means to make the acquIsition of a different variety, chaotic data for our own use, data in the true sense. resource exchange and sharing, to establIsh uniform standards Is the key, but also to fully exploit big data value and enhance the important foundation for big data use efficiency. “Chen Shihua pointed out that the data sharing problems, he said, share big data requires a viable business model be supported, otherwIse the business even if there Is a demand to share data, it Is difficult to achieve the ultimate.

“The new four modernizations” Auto insurance industry to bring new challenges

As with the Automotive industry, the insurance industry Is also affected by macroeconomic, entered a new development period.

on the forum officially released “American Car and insurance Big Data Development Report (2020)” (hereinafter referred to as the “Report”) noted that, as of the end of 2019, there were 67 insurance company Auto insurance business, underwriting a total cost of 826.2 billion yuan last year, motor vehicles, an increase of 4.2%, growth has declined. But in terms of profit, 2019 was only the national Auto insurance business achieved an underwriting profit of 1.05 billion yuan, up sharply reduce 6.34 billion yuan, only seven companies to achieve profitability, there are nearly 60 companies accumulated losses of 9.91 billion yuan. “For the Auto insurance industry, data technology and artificial intelligence driven Is becoming a competitive weapon, directly affect the company’s profits, strategy and market presence.” “Report” pointed out that the use of big data and artificial intelligence techniques to build data mold and analysIs, the reasonable product and sales policies to help Auto insurance industry data and output value of the real floor.

[12Meanwhile 3] to enter the adjustment period of the insurance industry, the Automotive industry Is experiencing a “new four modernizations” wave of change, but also brings more new challenges for Auto insurance industry. Gu Wei, president of the People’s Insurance Financial Services Ltd pointed out that in the field of electric, electric vehicles, high maintenance costs later, especially battery fault, insurance companies often require more expensive than before payment of fees; in terms of intelligence, ADAS and collIsion avoidance technology gradually began to spread in the US Auto market, the probability of Car accidents Is reduced, which requires Auto insurance premiums overall decline, the amount paid to a single accident improvement; in the Automotive Internet era, exIsting Auto insurance rate making model has been difficult to meet the requirements of the new situation, pricing needs to pay more attention to rIsk factors of human driving behavior and habits; the arrival of the era of sharing, has all kinds of customer resources of the body’s role Will become increasingly important, the need for timely to Car damage liability insurance, accident insurance change.

United States bancassurance letter deputy party secretary, Wang Zhe, president, said: “The new technology Is a comprehensive reshaping financial ecology, the digital transition has become an important trend among Automotive and banking and insurance to achieve innovative integration and development. “

sharing convergence Is king

look back over a hundred years of hIstory, has been in the Automotive and insurance integration the development process, but currently in the country, sharing the depth and breadth and integration of the development of the two sectors to be further improved.

First, a vulnerability database, for example, application sharing to establIsh a new model of US Auto safety information sharing and analysIs centers, the Automotive industry to build a comprehensive information security ecosystem, to jointly explore common build a new model sharing; second, to establIsh a data collection and transmIssion of various segments of the standard, for example, to construct a standard specification of the driving scene data collection, data transmIssion specifications, interfaces, data norms; third, to promote industrial Internet consumer Internet transformation and upgrading; fourth, big data platform Is the main industry organization form, industrial integration Is the main form of big data industry, the industry should strengthen cooperation, integration and development, sharing of digital economic dividends, enabling the future development.

positive Is that, over the years, in the center of the steam and the United States by letter bancassurance cooperation all-round, multi-level and wide-ranging, in promoting the integration and development of the Automotive insurance industry terms launched a largeThe amount of fruitful exploration and practice, and achieved initial results and achievements. On the forum, eco-Car networking application data exchange platform officially released, based on actuarial techniques, Big Data technology, networking, artificial intelligence technology, to build a cross-industry integration under a unified eco-Car networking data exchange channel, to study the formation industry-class networking rIsk factors, model scoring and integrated solutions in the insurance underwriting end to identify rIsks, claims end fraud prevention, in Car finance leases and other financial industry end assIst in the management and knowledge of decIsion-making, provide technical support for all the main ecological chain. Insurance Car prices data services platform formally launched, the database covers 2,800 manufacturers, 2,647 brands, 38,000 Cars, the introduction of the full amount of dynamic models prices data, through the cloud services model, priced at underwriting the insurance industry , a single fast, rIsk identification, estimation, and other actuarial data and services to provide support.

“Where the interests of the road, and when accompanying. Standing at a new starting point, a new journey, we would like to focus the value of big data and new Auto insurance and banking colleagues, and promote the new integration of big data, big data innovation of new technologies, new data released large potential and promote the development of large new data, new applications deepen big data, big data integration of innovation Will become the new Car and engine development bank insurance industry. “Tiecheng the case of hope. (Shiyun Yun)