Novice car does not know what to buy auto insurance, take a look at these four basic enough

seeing thIs on New Year approached, there should be many owners need to buy Car insurance, which many of them novice owners should be the first to buy their own Car insurance, the insurance company looked at the people dazzled many Car insurance Is not a headache, Xiao Bian two days before I buy insurance when the insurance companies are now seeing come up with so many kinds of type, almost to Xiao Bian gave the election Mongolia. So today simply say, how you want to buy thIs Car insurance, then the least money to meet our daily travel.

In addition to Car insurance now pay high insurance, third party liability insurance, what, caustic danger Is not deductible insurance and so spontaneous combustion rIsk. First of all, be sure to pay high insurance to buy, in order to properly run the Car on the road, thIs insurance Is essential. Secondly, caustic danger Is to buy, you can guarantee that your Car Will not be damaged in the process of using it? And if the Car Is damaged because of natural dIsasters, caustic danger Is compensation. But remember that earthquakes are excluded.

again, third party liability insurance thIs Is a must buy, the main role of insurance Is not used in the usual small scrape above the accident, but with the people injured accident above, Xiao Bian here recommend a third party to buy the best around 1 million, or more than 1 million, you can not spend some money, but really useful at a critical time.

Secondly, as non-deductible insurance thIs thing it’s best to take it, after all generally take the insurance accident Is certainly not a small accident, the owners themselves can Shaopei a little, then a little Shaopei, afraid of ten thousand afraid of the event Is not it. Finally, occupants insurance, thIs Is a must buy, after all, no one dare not guarantee away from home Is safe.

As for those last remaining spontaneous combustion rIsk, wading insurance, pilfer, body scratches insurance, glass insurance and other insurance these, I personally feel small series it Is non-essential things, like pilfer basically less than. ThIs time my friends should know how to choose the insurance right.