Notes for purchasing insurance


Car owners should avoid repeated insurance when they apply for automobile insurance. Some car owners may think that they have a greater chance of getting out of an accident in a certain aspect, so they need to apply for this insurance again, and think that they can get repeated compensation. In fact, even if the owner repeatedly insured an insurance type, it will not get excessive compensation when it comes to compensation.

Do not over or under insure

If you cover more than the insured value or the insured amount is less than the insured value, neither insurance can be effectively guaranteed. The insured amount shall not exceed the insured value. If it exceeds the insured value, the excess part shall be invalid. If the insured amount is lower than the insured value, the insurer shall be liable for compensation in accordance with the proportion of the insured amount to the insured value, unless otherwise stipulated in the contract. Therefore, over insurance and under insurance can not get extra benefits.

renew insurance

Some car owners can’t renew the insurance in time after the expiration of the insurance contract, but it will be too late in case of accidents in these days.

Review the Insurance Documents Carefully

When you receive the insurance document, you must check it carefully to see if it has anti-counterfeiting shading. If not, you can refuse to sign it.

Check policy

After completing the insurance procedures and getting the original of the policy, the items listed in the policy shall be checked in time, such as license plate number, engine number, etc. And if there is any mistakes, you must correct it immediately.

Carry insurance card with you

Insurance card should be covered,and remember the insurance deadline and renew it in advance.