note! Freeze buy car insurance, auto insurance Is the insurance company of the four well-designed pit

REVIEW: Hi, Hello, everyone! meet again. Today small Cars do not talk, we chat with Car insurance, small series work Is a staff member at the county-level city Bus Terminal, because there are business dealings, and insurance companies who often have contacts, thereby learning not less knowledge about Car insurance, and today we share knowledge to buy Car insurance, so that you avoid detours. note! Freeze buy Car insurance, Auto insurance Is the insurance company of the four well-designed pit.

Xiao Bian a friend to work in a local insurance company, she revealed to the small series knowledge about Car insurance, she said that all of the country, large and small insurance companies in motor insurance has a lot of thIs pit, she revealed that Car insurance Is a contract of insurance company Carefully set up good, there Is a pit everywhere, she shared the following with small series four kinds of Auto insurance buying insurance Is to always pay attention, a less than heart fell into the pit.

The first pit Is full insurance, full insurance full name, also known as caustic danger Is loss of vehicle insurance, it contains such a provIsion: that like storm ah, ah these two types of flooding caused by the loss of the Car, the insurance company to pay, but the reality if your Car was flooded or wading when the engine broke, these insurance companies do not pay . People contract the insurance company explained that all rIsks which it does not include the above items, you only have to pay a wading insurance claims, thIs insurance Is additional rIsk wading full insurance, you have to pay a wading insurance claims, for a saying that if you buy a full insurance did not buy wading insurance, your engine let blIsters, do not pay the same, Xiao Bian heard friends talk about all rIsks are very angry, since you should call the whole insurance claims, what Is the whole rIsk? All RIsks means any situation occurs, you have to pay an insurance company, which can be called all rIsks.

If you bought all rIsks among the additional rIsk (wading insurance) you may not be able to get claims, Why? Xiao Bian For example you naturally understand, if you drove walked in front of the road there Is a lot of water, all of a sudden get the engine stalled, and thIs time you do not move, you’re gone, voted wading insurance it claimsIf at thIs time you start the Car, did not start her, causing engine damage, I’m sorry, that insurance companies do not pay. You look at how many there are contracts designed trap.

The second pit Is pilfer, pilfer the name suggests Is your Car Is stolen or robbed, which it claims the insurance company. Reality Is not the same thing, Xiao Bian give you an example, let’s say small series of vehicles parked in the area at night inside, was stolen a Che Gulu which a wicked thief, then it Xiaobian find insurance claims, insurance companies people do not pay, I bought you pilfer ah Why the hell do not you pay me ah? Insurance companies say no, you throw a Che Gulu Is not in the scope of compensation, the insurance company policy we refer to the so-called pilfer your whole Car Is stolen or robbed thIs claim. You say that thIs gas Is not angry?

A third pit Is “do not pay no responsibility,” What do you mean? That Is if your Car and others hit by a Car together, not your responsibility, full responsibility for the other side, your side of the insurance companies do not pay, you have to find you hit that home insurance company and let them lose. Even if you have responsibility, you do not necessarily get full compensation insurance company, the insurance company which has provIsions called “franchIse” What do you mean? It means the insurance company in proportion to its responsibility for payment, thIs Is a commercial rIsk category, there Is a 20% of accidents thIs franchIse needs of customers out of their own, if it plainly claims 100 dollars, the customer has to pay 20 dollars themselves. Anyway, no matter how claims, you are not insured full compensation.

The fourth hole Is a “high-low pay Paul” Is a lot of people should know what that means. Small or Give an example, small series does best example child, ha ha …… say small series with the money to buy two mass Pasha Te, a new Car, a used Car, new Car out in accordance with the 20,000 dollars the sum insured, second-hand Cars insured in accordance with 20,000 dollars, which Is the insurance (premiums). Over time driving on used Car hit a tree to look for insurance claims, insurance companies do not follow the new Car to pay it, according to Xiao Bian it Is now the real price of the used Car value if it can be 50,000 dollars, according to which 50,000 dollars to pay the standard, how can I die, when I pay the price to pay premiums in accordance with the new Car, the time to wait until the claims in accordance with standards used Cars, which Is called “high-low pay Paul” thIsVehicle insurance industry Is now a widespread malpractice.

Comments: The contract of insurance companies Is to find someone good design specially Careful, there are too many pitfalls, so small series to remind you to buy be sure to keep your eyes open to see the Auto insurance contract details written inside, do not fly browsing again, when to avoid the insurance company. Xiao Bian read thIs article Is not full harvest? Like a small series of articles point to focus on it, the next section Xiao Bian bring a new Car to buy what we need insurance?

Thank you for reading, I wIsh you a happy life, Year of the Pig down!

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about science: vehicle accident in the repair shop the insurance company pay it?

A: The vehicle repair shop accident the insurance company Is not going to lose. As expressly provided in the insurance regulations in: when the vehicle Is in the business of maintenance repair shop, resulting in no compensation for loss of vehicles during maintenance.