Not expired vehicle insurance, insurance companies began to urge renewal, what purpose they do so?

Since the Car, in addition to maintenance takes off certain expenses other than annual vehicle expenses to buy insurance Is not a small one, we all know thIs Is a year to buy the insurance, you do not exceed the insured period, the vehicle can legally hit the road, but in reality we Will find the owner, vehicle insurance obviously there are one or two months before the expiration of the insurance company began Gesanchaiwu, we urge the owners in advance of renewal, the purpose of the insurance company to do so what Is it?

In fact; to go in terms of large point, the insurance companies are afraid of us Careless Car owners forget their period of insurance, vehicle Once the insurance Is valid for more than traffic police live, the consequences are very serious, and secondly, vehicle accidents occurred after the off Paul, all losses are borne by the owners themselves, standing in thIs perspective, the insurance company Is just to remind you advance urging renewal.

If a small point to aspects of it, urging insurance companies in advance of your renewal, entirely scruples to their interests, the insurance company that you are afraid of other Insurance companies lured away, in fact, thIs Is each insurer worst fears. So before your vehicle insurance did not expire, the insurance company’s sales staff Will always take the trouble to call you, lest you forget the last in hIs family to buy insurance.

but for what the insurance company to sell you insurance, really do not understand that last year was not at hIs house to buy insurance, I do not know thIs year from hIs home where to get your phone number and when you call, you Will rattle a lot to say on a variety of concessions in various activities, sometimes indeed moved their florid making phone calls, a brain fever bought him home insurance. Even after purchase, Will receive a call to other insurance companies, one Will be a one Will be a very annoying, people have to admire these mental qualities and skills of staff selling insurance.

when buying insurance must first choose a good reputation formal insurance company, do not take any cheap travel to the small insurance company did not have the strength to buy, because thIs type of insurance Is very irresponsible on future claims. If insurance costs are not poorAnd more, it Is best not to have been replaced in the back and forth on the insurance company, has been purchased at an insurance company in a continuous escape from danger does not have a lot of concessions, of course, your insurance company also valued the customer.

Another, in the purchase of insurance must be purchased according to their needs, do not lIsten to sales personnel flicker, to buy a lot of blind It appears to be useful actually useless insurance.

the three to pay high insurance and commercial insurance Is a must buy, but also to try to buy three high points; non-deductible also need to buy, not too expensive but significant role. Caustic danger should be based on how old the Car of their own to decide to buy or not buy, just bought a new Car or buy a better Car damage, opened several years or if the vehicle has been a bit worn out, indeed no Car damage need to go purchase. As for other types of insurance, anyway, small series did not buy it, because small series that really has little use other types of insurance.

From the foregoing description, presumably you know the parties with knowledge of vehicle insurance, if you have an unknown place, or your insurance company in advance urging owners of renewal of things, there are different views and ideas, can comment on how the comments below?