Not all are required to buy auto insurance, one minute to teach you to buy vehicle insurance!

As the United States economy, more and more people join “Car owners’ ranks. As of November 2017 the national vehicle fleet Is close to 300 million, of which the total amount of nearly 200 million private Cars, and the country has more than 20 cities over two million vehicles. So, with the increase in vehicle traffic accident has gradually increased.

Therefore, buying Car insurance Is becoming increasingly important. Because the purchase of Auto insurance Is not what Is good for others Is good. But it Is not necessary for each Auto insurance Is bought, let Xiaobian tell you which only need to buy Auto insurance.

first pay high insurance

to pay high insurance full name Is called compulsory traffic accident liability insurance. If you are not encumbered. Will not be on the Card, transfer, inspection, once investigated, Will be detained vehicles, and impose a handle double premiums.

The second commercial Auto insurance

Commercial vehicle insurance Is a guarantee to the private Automobile plus, it can greatly ease your financial burden at the time of an accident , to resolve dIsputes.

The third vehicle damage insurance

due to natural dIsasters and accidents caused by the loss of their vehicle. Such as collIsions, overturning, fire, explosion, heavy rain, tornadoes and so on.

Fourth third party liability insurance

Is an accident insured person or allow the driver legitimate place in the course of using the insured vehicle, resulting in the third who suffered a direct loss of property or personal injury, the amount of compensation which shall be paid by the insured person paid more than pay high insurance sub-limits for each section.

The fifth motor vehicle entire vehicle pilfer

the whole Car Is stolen, robbed, robbed result in loss of vehicle theft and being, robbed, robbed during subject to reasonable expense or Car parts, loss of ancillary equipment in need of repair.

The sixth vehicle liability insurance

loss of vehicle accidents resulting in personal injury or death of persons on board (including drivers and passengers) and the Cargo.

In summary, the above large insuranceHome can be purchased, as appropriate, other insurance Is really no need to buy, after all, Is really not easy to keep a Car, it could save a little bit of it!

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