“Non-deductible” on car insurance What does it mean? Salesperson: Many owners do not understand

“not deductible” on Car insurance What does it mean? Salesperson: Many owners do not understand the

everyone for the current level of understanding of the Automotive market Is also very deep, after all, the Car became very popular, so we Will put more attention and attention put on the Car, around the Car, after all, still has a big push topics to be said, and in addition, around the Car Is derived from many, many industries, especially the Car wash, Car beauty shop Is like the store Is very popular, and as a senior you believe owners to flow when the Car Is also very clear, after all, Is ten or more years old the driver.

As we all know, the first thing to do after we buy a Car that Is on the Card, and in addition to the brand, we also need to give us a vehicle to buy some appropriate insurance only in thIs way Will we be able to normal on the road, and vehicle insurance as we all know thIs Is a must buy, do not know what kind of insurance protection Is specific, and there are a lot of people to the attitude of insurance Is very “dIsmIssive” always thought he was wrong thIs ten-year-old driver’s driving skills are very good, so I just buy a compulsory insurance, not knowing, until crying after an accident, what use Is it? However, we all know, there Is a “non-deductible” things on Auto insurance, many people on thIs thing Is a lot of skeptical of thIs “non-deductible” has a very vague understanding, thinking anyway futile, what Is not not buy insurance, everyone knows, thIs Is not deductible it has a significant role after the vehicle appeared, like a salesperson to say: in fact, many owners do not understand.

we all know, the insurance company had paid for the different types of insurance have a certain amount of the deductible, and the degree of how much each specific deductibles Insurance companies are not the same, so that, when we buy Auto insurance Is still necessary to ask, but in most cases, insurance companies, the percentage deductibles are based on how much the owners are liable in the accident different responsibilities to determine, in general, when we bear full responsibility for the accident, then the insurance company deductible 20%, the primary responsibility of the insurance company’s deductible, then 15%, bear equal responsibility, then that Is 10% negative secondary responsibilityIf any deductible Is 5%, and when we bought Is not deductible, then, whether we bear any responsibility, insurance companies are 100% payment.

say in simple words a little, say a man drove a traffic accident, the traffic police in the accident and was identified among bears full responsibility for the accident , someone else’s Car damage all down 10,000, if he did not buy, then not deductible, the insurance company with 20% of the franchIse, which Is ten thousand in 2000 that owners need to own themselves, the insurance company only payment of which 80% Is 8000, if the buy Is not deductible, then, are the ten thousand paid their own insurance company, so that we are very much worth buying Is not deductible, otherwIse, the highest 20 franchIse points Is too much for so many people, and now the addition of luxury Cars on the road, the addition of pedestrians.

Of course, for a dozen years or decades-old drivers, then thIs kind of thing Is purely a waste of money, after all, can ten years for decades no accident it sufficient to justify the driving skills of older drivers with absolute assurance, and for novice drivers Is the case, hIs mind should be have a steelyard it. On your non-deductible yet?