Non-deductible car insurance Is what does thIs mean? You might also half know anything

buy Car insurance to buy a peace of mind most of the time, but once the traffic accident, bought insurance allows you to reduce the great economic pressure and burden, insurance Is you appeared in trouble when you pull it to help you out, so buy the insurance becomes more important. But so many types of insurance, you can figure it? For example, non-deductible Car insurance you know what that means? Now you are probably half know anything, but able to read or understand.

First of all we need to know not deductible insurance what it means, the official explanation Is that in the insured a certain number of occurred traffic after the accident, if the cost of compensation does not exceed the insured amount can be paid in full by the insurance company, a friend said, how to understand the meaning of thIs sentence ah? In fact, very simple ah, say you buy non-deductible insurance 5,000 dollars, once you determine the occurrence of a collIsion, hit the insurance company’s phone, they need you to come exploration after 4000 payment, the payment amount in your insurance in the amount of their insurance company Will be paid in full, you do not need a penny, thIs explanation can understand, right?

we buy insurance Is the main rIsk to buy, that Is, liability insurance and a variety of additional rIsks in general, do not count deductible insurance Is also an additional rIsk, the price Is cheaper, but the effect Is not small. If you do not buy non-deductible insurance, then you can help after the accident paid the only primary insurance, say the payment conditions for the main rIsk Is also very much, does not necessarily help you paid too much, and because you use the primary insurance payment function, then in the second year of the time you might spend more money to insurance buyers Oh. Non-deductible insurance probably Will not be the case, the prices are the same every year, but there Will be more packages for you to choose Oh.

In short, buying insurance Is a more important and more crucial thing, buy the insurance goes, the road Is more at ease. In addition to the normal buy primary insurance outside, do remember to buy non-deductible insurance Oh, not only can help you in a critical time, it can make you more peace of mind on the road.