Nobody Is allowed to buy car insurance do not understand that these three bought a useless waste of thousands of pieces

because now we live with getting better and better, so pockets also drum up, many families have the ability to buy a Car. After buying the Car, only to give it on the Card, but also to buy insurance. Now many types of insurance, the owner dazzling looked after, do not know what kind of insurance to buy, what kind of insurance should buy. Xiao Bian to tell you that the owner, must be Carefully considered when buying insurance, even if the insured bought the three did not use, but also wasted thousands of dollars, then we would look at.

First, the first one Is the rIsk of spontaneous combustion. Speaking of Car spontaneous combustion believe that many owners are aware, but in recent years the Car ignition are common occurrences, especially in the scorching sun of summer. In fact, we want to know Why the Car spontaneous combustion occurs, the probability of the vast majority are due to faulty engine, for we just bought a new Car, it’s spontaneous combustion Is almost zero, so that when buying insurance, spontaneous combustion rIsk there Is no need to buy.

The second rIsk Is wading. Effect of thIs insurance Is to protect the vehicle resulting in engine damage after wading in puddles or flooded compensation may be paid. If we are very understanding of the weather conditions in the region where their own, and where the region’s water situation Will not arIse, then wading insurance simply do not need to buy. If you bought the insurance, then, it should be noted that the Car was flooded, if it Is forced to start the Car, resulting in engine damage, thIs time the insurance company Is not compensation.

The third Is to pilfer, and that Is when the Car was stolen insurance company Will pay compensation. Because now Car thieves, has not so much, but the camera on the road so much, even if there are Car thieves, nor Will they give the whole Car stolen, usually steal items inside the Car or tires, of course thIs happens the insurance company Is not compensation, it Is no use pilfer. Nobody Is allowed to buy Car insurance do not understand that these three bought a useless waste of thousands of pieces.

Comments: The above mentioned three insurance, everyoneReally you do not need to buy. Because it may also become redundant after the buy, they Will spend thousands of dollars in vain, of course, also look at buying their owners, if you fear the event occurs, then you can buy. When buying insurance, or to combine their own situation, to avoid blind conformity. Of course, these three insurance must be purchased, the first one Is the first to pay high insurance, the second Is the third party liability insurance, third Is the non-deductible insurance. After reading what you have to say it?