New energy vehicles to buy insurance, how much you spent money wasted?

new energy vehicles has now become a lot of Cars of concern to consumers, although the new energy vehicles, environmental protection, energy saving, but also the policy of concessions, but on the new energy Automobile insurance business, must have a lot of faithful Car They are still foggy.

A lot of people are curious, new energy vehicles and Automotive fuel in general insurance are the same whether or not to buy? So then, Xiaobian to explain to you, those who need to buy new energy vehicles insured? And those who do not need to buy the insurance?

First, the first to tell everyone, fuel vehicles and new energy vehicles insurance insurance Is somewhat different in nature, the insurer Will have some differences , but it Is undeniable that both still have the same place. First, there Is a pure electric Car insurance basically follow the traditional pattern Auto insurance, to pay high insurance, Car damage, three insurance, pilfer, spontaneous combustion rIsk, etc. and fuel vehicles indIstinguIshable. There Is no specific insurance coverage.

In addition, new energy vehicles and fuel Car insurance dIscounts are basically the same, the system Automatically generates the renewal dIscount. It should be noted that the various insurance companies in all regions of standard dIscounts vary, you can consult the local standard based on the actual situation.

battery can last insured separately?

Since the new insurance model Car’s energy basically follow conventional vehicle, yet there Is no separate battery security insurance. But the battery warranty period Is generally pure electric Car Is very long, and some Will even provide depot battery lifetime warranty program, so thIs time still have to go to the manufacturers, thIs Will fly.

Then give us talk about the Issue of subsidies. New energy vehicles have to be subsidized, the subsidy was around and the price difference Is still getting bigger, so the question Is, Is in accordance with the price of a new Car before and after the subsidy or subsidies on the price of insurance do?

new energy vehicles, Car damage and pilfer accordance with price subsidies to the front of the vehiclecomputational. For now, mainly because of the different subsidy policy of the country, so the insurance company Will press unified guidance to the insured.

If the Car Is faithful to the full amount of the Car, then the dealer Will generally allow you the freedom to insure, but if it Is a loan buy a Car, then the dealer Is forced to take basic safety procedures in the store, in which case the general Will be part of the multi-charged, but here I must mention Is the general insurance claims and repair at the dealer It Will be more convenient and faster.

In addition to pay high insurance Is compulsory must buy, and then recommend buying Car damage and three insurance, the rest of the additional insurance, the more common Is the Car a passenger liability insurance, spontaneous combustion rIsk and pilfer the. These can be purchased according to their own needs.

spontaneous combustion vehicles and stolen belong to a small probability event, power systems research and development of pure electric vehicles and then when he has passed Tens of thousands of tests, so the problem of spontaneous combustion, spontaneous combustion probability pure electric vehicles Will be relatively smaller than that of gasoline vehicles. (Here remind you, wading insurance Is absolutely no need to buy.)

In addition to everyone here Incidentally, new energy Car captive insurance introduced during the year Is expected to

waste of money, lack of insurance, it Is difficult to make the interests of consumers are effectively protected, so the new energy vehicles, the introduction of captive insurance Is imperative recently the American Insurance Association Deputy Secretary Guo said: for a new energy electric vehicles, captive insurance products expected to be introduced during the year.

According to the plan, the American Insurance Association Will launch a demonstration of insurance products before the end of the first edition, the new product Will be different from the traditional energy pure electric vehicles the overall structure, power systems, parts and service technicians and other parts fuel vehicles, according to the rIsk characterIstics of the development of targeted insurance liability clause. Especially for higher rIsk factor, the cost of a large portion of battery power, whether its subject Is insured Automobile HostPlant, users or battery suppliers, further research Is needed to determine.

in terms of small series epilogue need to tell you that the content Is more than I gave you faithful Car summed up the content, which Is standing in small series up their point of view to tell you of course the initial purpose still hope that we spend less time and money, while allowing everyone to buy appropriate insurance. But if there are Car lovers especially dIstressed that their Car, and that small advice can still buy all, after all, more than an insurance policy on the extra protection.