New energy vehicles, captive insurance Is coming, but right medicine to the heart!

into August, the Auto market began to lively up, new energy vehicles as Cars circle hot spot, not only been occupying rims headlines, but there are policies on new energy vehicles also frequently publIshed.

have before the subsidies for new energy vehicles, but also the MinIstry of Finance after the travel tax incentives for new energy vehicles released, energy to meet the standards Car halved the travel tax, while new energy vehicles exempted from travel tax.

subsidy on purchase costs, plus tax concessions, indeed gave new energy vehicle market marked with blood.

years, with the strong support of our policy, the rapid development of new energy vehicles.

American Automobile Manufacturers Association data show that in 2017 US sales of new energy vehicles are approaching 800,000, respectively 794,000 and 777,000, year on year an increase of 53.8% and 53.3%, respectively. Among them, in the new energy passenger Cars, pure electric passenger Car production and sales were 478,000 and 468,000, an increase of 81.7% and 82.1%, respectively.

rapid growth of new energy Automobile production and sales, driven by growth in demand for insurance premiums and insurance companies. According to the US Insurance Information Technology Management Co. data show 2013–2017 domestic insurance company underwriting the average annual growth rate of new energy vehicles in the amount of 78.6%, the average annual premium growth of 72%.

Faced with thIs situation, a few days ago, commercial insurance model clauses Research Working Group held in American Insurance Association 2019 Annual First Regular Session, from the insurance representatives of industry, 16 property insurance companies to dIscuss the specific terms of the revIsed version of the 2014 commercial vehicle insurance clauses, the development of Automobile extended warranty insurance policy and the new energy Automobile insurance.

It Is reported that the end of July to early August, new energy vehicles, captive insurance provIsions Will seek outside advice, the terms expected to be finalized in late August release.

about captive insurance provIsions of the new energy vehicles, but let owners look forward to for a long time, it Is the traditional commercial Auto insurance, so that new energy vehicle owners who feel loss fast enough.

Why Is there such feelings? The reason Is that new energy vehicles commercial Auto insurance, insurance at subsidized prices before, when they paid in accordance with the subsidized prices.

specific performance Is that consumers in the purchase of new energy vehicles, Will enjoy national and local subsidies, the prices Will be a lot lower, but consumers in new energy insure the Car, according to the prices before the subsidy can only be insured, so when consumers pay the premium Is much higher than the actual Car insurance premium to be paid.

new Car prices before energy subsidies and the subsidies, the impact on premiums, a year down about 2,000 yuan.

it when your premiums, but paid only a little, thIs Is trouble Which Will lead it?

information from several major insurance companies, the new energy vehicles in the accident, and paid the price of the same fuel vehicles, but if the insured new energy vehicles, a major accident, the vehicle Is scrapped, the amount Is paid in accordance with the actual Car models, that Is, the prices after subsidies, no wonder owners Will feel unbalanced mind.

There Is another embarrassment insurance payments for new energy vehicles, because the Bulgarian Association has not developed captive insurance of new energy vehicles, new energy vehicles in the lead when the insured can only be in accordance with fuel Car insurance provIsions were insured, but in fact, thIs does not apply to new energy vehicles.

Auto insurance Is based on the current industry average loss ratio of premiums to reverse thrust. But the new energy Automobile power battery because the price Is too high and not easy overall maintenance, so a lot of local insurance companies, new energy Automobile power battery Is not insurance.

You know, on a battery of new energy vehicles accounted for almost half of the overall price. Once the battery burned, Water short circuit, all the losses had to be borne by the owners themselves.

the owner’s mood, probably the “unintentional Master” in the mountain Qiluo, deadpan words, “Zhang Xianzong, I have a toothache,” just like the surface of fine, clear, cloud deceitful wave heart sly.

Therefore, new energy vehicles owners are looking forward to new energy vehicles, captive insurance provIsions landing as soon as possible, with security, peace of mind Will be.

for insurance companies, they are also looking forward to the floor as soon as captive insurance provIsions.

because the insurance company Is difficult to fuel Car insurance terms and rates scheme applied to the new energy vehicles. Compared with conventional vehicles, new energy vehicles, there are significant differences in many aspects of power systems, spare parts, maintenance technicians, etc., which have caused a significant own characterIstics in terms of coverage, resulting in the traditional Auto insurance can not cover their unique rIsks.

Moreover, as the battery electric core components of the new energy Automobile, spontaneous combustion can occur, short circuit fault, after a traffic accident, may also cause other hazards. Once these losses occur in the process of insurance claims and no detail in the terms of reference, easily lead to unclear responsibilities, claims difficult.

On the other hand, according to the dIsplay data, the higher the frequency of new energy vehicles dangerous condition wherein new energy vehicles family Cars higher than non-energy new Automobiles 11.7 percentage points.

According to insiders, which in recent years with the rapid development of network about Cars about, now home to new energy vehicles to open network about Cars vehicles more and more, and these vehicles also have policies, these Cars out traveling more, Will make the appearance frequency increases; the other Is new energy vehicles used for Car sharing, and shared more Cars frequency of use, but also caused a dangerous condition more frequently.

Therefore, the insurance company has been simmering want to say a word, but Why not a new energy Car insurance Is expensive, dangerous condition of the Car Is mainly high frequency; do not want to protect the battery, which Is the main driving force battery involves too much insurance do not understand.

okay, insurance companies, there Is also a grievances it!

With the rapid development of U.S. Automotive industry, the number of new energy Automobile insurance underwriting considerable growth, which seems to indicate ushered in the insurance business the new “blue ocean”, while insurance companies and new energy vehicle owners also embarrassing to be solved, then, we need a new energy vehicles, captive insurance.

new energy vehicles captive insurance Will produce what effect it? It needs for the industry and the consumer pain points and solve several problems.

The first Is to define the cost of insurance. Consumers how to buy, how insurance companies need to pay, there Is a need for clear and objective rules, which Is the new energy Automobile insurance subsidies accounted for in the standardization.

The second Is to develop targeted provIsions. Cancellation insurance wading engine for new energy vehicles have no effect, according to the new energy vehicle powertrain differences fuel vehicles, spare parts, maintenance technicians to develop targeted provIsions to define the replacement cost insurance companies based on the maintenance of new energy vehicles the amount of claims.

The third cell Is covered. The new provIsions should define clear underwriting battery, how to underwriting, insurance body, underwriting standardization of the amount.

more than three help solve consumers’ expensive insurance, paid less, “” do not need to buy insurance, you need to buy insurance “and other problems also help to solve the problems of insurance companies to sort out the attribution of responsibility, save the payment process.

as previously mentioned above, new energy vehicles Is unstoppable whirlwind on the Automotive market today, even in the current lack of endurance Car charging under inadequate infrastructure and other difficulties, it still can not stop the overall vIsion of the Car of new energy, while Cars on the road in Auto insurance as an integral part, soon have new energy vehicles, captive insurance, but also be able to as soon as possible the people new energy vehicles on the road of a heart dIsease.