Must understand the car insurance, not deceptive nor pit!

Car and everyone else, it Is necessary to have him responsible, the insurance on the Car wash maintenance as no less! Buy insurance, but a science, you can not believe everything the sales hype to sell, so to study intensively knowledge of Car insurance now!

1 Auto Insurance classification

Car insurance can be divided into two categories: pay high insurance and commercial insurance. Traffic Insurance Is compulsory purchase of commercial insurance Is voluntary purchase.

1, strong insurance

national insurance on the force. They must buy a Car on once a year, and the following year, six home 950 yuan, 1,100 yuan more than six a year. If there Is no escape from danger, then, it Is there to float downward.

claims are:

When the responsibility of the tripartite property damage maximum compensation of 2,000 yuan, the tripartite medical expenses the maximum compensation of 10,000 yuan, the highest three-way death and dIsability compensation 110,000 yuan.

When no liability, property damage tripartite maximum compensation of 100 yuan, the highest tripartite medical expenses compensation of 1,000 yuan, the highest three-way death and dIsability compensation 11,000 yuan.

the amount of compensation looked pretty good numbers, but driving down the road Is the most important safety!

2, commercial insurance:

More types of business insurance, small series lIst out and briefly explain.

(1) third party liability insurance

As the name suggests, it Is a third party for compensation, including personal injury , vehicle damage, and even fixed property. Claims expenses based on the nature of the vehicle and the insured amount Is different.

(2) Car damage

ThIs Is used to repair hIs Car, it Is generally cost claims cash purchase price × 1.2%.

It Is worth noting: If your Car Is damaged due to collIsion occurred, the condition not to be scrapped, it said, the cost of vehicle maintenance has not exceed the insured amount of caustic danger , the insurance company Will not give you a payment, your vehicle Will be repaired!

(3) pilfer

of the vehicle Is lost, or was robbed, robbed. It Is timely to the public security bureau, under normal circumstances (3 ~ 6 months), if the vehicle has not been back to the public security organs of the supporting documents to the insurance company claims. The amount of compensation by the vehicle service life, maintenance circumstances.

(4) non-deductible

to purchase thIs insurance, it occurs when the owner claims it, thIs should be able to be responsible for their own 5 % to 20% of the liability and then passed on to the insurance company. But also in the owners driving license Is valid. And no toxic driving and drunk driving, and subject to traffic regulations.

(5) vehicle liability insurance

vehicle liability insurance Is prescribed by a vehicle seat, you can buy only the driver’s seat can also buy the whole Car seat, the purpose of paid time of the accident the driver or passenger injuries, mainly after the injury medical expenses. Compensation costs due to take rates vary throughout the following table for reference purposes only:

(6) scratches insurance case]

scratches insurance Is another paint scratches and no significant impact, that does not need to do sheet metal, you can simply paint. If you need to do sheet metal, it Is necessary to use the above Car damage. There are scratches insurance amounts ranging 1000,2000,5000,10000, you can choose to buy according to their needs.

(7) glass insurance

refers to the glass front windshield, side windows. It does not include a vehicle sunroof. When such high-speed running when the preceding vehicle Is rolled stones collapse the windshield, or when the vehicle Is parked Car property stolen the thief smashed side window, glass can be used for insurance claims.

(8) spontaneous combustion rIsk

spontaneous combustion rIsk of spontaneous combustion vehicle Is traveling in a vehicle or the parking process in Central Africa caused by external factors. But unauthorized alterations vehicle lines, such as audio conversion, the vehicle due to line problems caused by modification of the vehicle headlamps, navigation equipment, installation of substandard spontaneous combustion, the insurance company Is not for compensation.

(9) Third Party Liability Insurance not find

When the process of re-parked your vehicle does not know that Car was crashed or people, but can not find the Car or the person accident, but when there Is no surveillance video around, you can use thIs to insurance claims.

2 How to choose the Car insurance

the basic principle of buying Car insurance Is: pay compulsory insurance Is must be insured, but the commercial rIsk insurance Is not the more complete the better, because the insured’s insurance and their own rIsk profile match, so as to achieve as much as possible to obtain the most comprehensive protection with minimal rIsk premium expenditure.

(1) later on demand, to do too much. That Is according to their own situation and vehicle insurance.

(2) Buy bought not bad, not buy expensive to buy less. That Is what the Car Is easier to see the bad, though not easily broken or anything, but if once bad maintenance more expensive, which give priority to purchasing insurance.

Example 1: If you are older drivers

If you are a very experienced driver, but also compliance dIscipline and law-abiding drove old drivers, every day driving and road conditions are very good parking place Is relatively safe to do so.Then again, when the insured vehicle. Then again, when you only need insurance to purchase 500,000 of the three, Car damage, it Is not deductible.

Example 2: If you are a novice

If your driving skills are not so good, but also around the luxury Cars are mostly unrest, from time to time the case Will be heard the vehicle lost, in addition to the above advantageous buy some third-party liability, plus the best vehicle pilfer, glass, scratch the insurance.

Why we recommend three on 500,000 it?

Since the three premium 200,000 Is $ 950 and the three 1,200 500 000 yuan, a difference 250. But the guarantee was increased by 30 million. Similarly, one million three premium Is about 1,600 yuan. Specifically how on, we decide it!

above amount Is roughly estimated, in particular the premium may vary by the insurance calculator, or a single system prevail, thIs estimate Is only for reference .

3 summarizes

according to their rIsk profile matches the need to choose insurance, save money and to get the best protection!