Most waste of money to buy a car of four kinds of insurance, 4S store sales slip of the tongue: do not understand Is that Fudge

a waste of money to buy a Car most of the four kinds of insurance, 4S store sales slip of the tongue: that flicker do not understand

Car itself Is a piece happy thing, and when the owner bought the Car while my heart happy, very proud when, 4S store sales also took the opportunity to recommend a variety of insurance. If the owner Is the first time to buy a Car, do you think it Is necessary to buy a new Car insurance. And the sales people say Is reasonable, analysIs sounds reasonable, many owners in more than glad to buy a whole also been fooled. Of course, if the owner Is a loan to buy a Car, 4S stores usually have additional conditions or mandatory that you buy all rIsks, or else Will not give you the Car, thIs case not to say.

In fact, many people do not know the circumstances of the insured in thIs regard, although the treaty Will give the contract to see you, but a lot of people do not look Carefully, you Will usually sell introduce the role of insurance rIsk, but Will not tell you Is limited, many people only hear the effect on the Car feel helpful, unexamined mind to buy. Until then the owners have problems, only to find that some of these conditions are not satIsfied the insurance Is not reimbursed, it Is not immediately felt very angry, feeling of being pit! Especially the four Auto insurance, 4S store sales give something away, do not be fooled by the insurance company, to buy four Car insurance Is a waste of money! Buy the owner Will buy when the lesson!

of Top1 Car ignition rIsk

for a new Car, the estimated probability of spontaneous combustion Is very low, we have heard of such a thing? Even if there Is very little, basically we do not have access, even if you hear a Car accident spontaneous combustion, but also because the owners make alterations occur, under normal circumstances Will not happen, of course, does not rule out driving the Car for a long time. Nearing retirement age, which Is generally only occurs on second-hand Cars, nearly new Cars Will not happen, so the new Car to buy Car insurance that a bit tasteless. And if the cause Is due to a modified Car owners, insurance companies because you secretly modified vehicles and exclusions. So you buy Auto insurance what’s the use?

Top2 Car scratches insurance

It Is clear that the Car was scratched Car there are a lot of scratches on, if it Is small scratches, he spent little money can deal with, of course, in thIs case, can be reimbursed by scratches insurance, but there Is reimbursed after the dangerous condition of the recording, the following year to increase insurance income, so the price Is not good scratch rIsk, if it Is kind of new to occur often drive virtually scratch, you can consider.

Top3 Car pilfer

hearing thIs, many owners did not hesitate to buy it. In fact, in the United States Is still relatively safe, security was not so chaotic. Random robbery stolen Cars Is unlikely. Of course, all without exception, robbery, probability of occurrence Is very low. Currently, monitoring all aspects are high density, and the Car has its own anti-theft system, many criminals might be able to steal the Car, but generally do not have your Car stolen. So most people do not do that, and then it could really unlucky encounter, if the Car Is a loan to buy it, but also the insurance money to pay the credit company.

Top4 Automotive glass broken screen rIsk

to see thIs insurance, which Is reminIscent of the phone screen broken insurance, but can not be compared, there Is much difference with them, and thIs Is also a very limited compensation, if the Car hit somewhere, and broken glass, thIs time Is to take the process caustic danger, and thIs Car glass broken screen says insurance does not include skylights and mirrors, windshield and windows can only be considered, but also broken separate security insurance policyholder main vehicle windshield or window glass, where the glass material Is imagined to pass, in general. In thIs case it Will not be bad, so if you buy such insurance, many people Will feel cheated.

Conclusion: sometimes a lot of insurance Is unnecessary to buy, buy Is a waste of money, the most exasperating Is that many owners bought the vehicle damage occurs, should be reported to the insurance when he said certain limit, you thIs not within the scope of the insurance, many owners do not know before you buy there are so many restrictions. So novice Car insurance, it Is best to ask those who know, or pit Is you!